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GOFRUGAL’s Pharmacy billing software – A POS software to rely upon

I write this post to reiterate upon the fact that GOFRUGAL is ever ready to take over the pain & bestow business gains to the owner who runs an independent or chain of pharmacy shops. The pharmacy POS software solution developed by GOFRUGAL is the proven solution for medical shops/drug stores.After stressing more and more on the word “PAIN”, I am also here to reveal the major areas that cause worry to any pharmacy business owner.

The “TOP 3″ pain points of pharmacy business are:

  1. Managing Short Expiry.
  2. Maintaining Accurate Scheduled Register.
  3. Filing of VAT returns.

GOFRUGAL software solutions assist the owner & his staff in simplifying their task. The following are the features that counter attacks these major areas of concern.

The “TOP 3” Benefits of using GOFRUGAL’s pharmacy POS solution:

  1. Short Expiry “ALERTS” well before “THREE MONTHS” from the date of actual expiry. The owner just needs to view these alerts and take immediate actions to return the stock to the corresponding distributor.
  2. Automation paves way for automatic and “immediate list of scheduled drugs sold” over the month. All the medicines sold against the prescription automatically gets noted in the “Scheduled Drug Register” which is inbuilt in the software system.
  3. Inbuilt VAT Reporter makes the task of filing monthly returns really look dumb. With perfect annexure formats and clearly segregated input and output VAT, e-filing can be done spontaneously from the system itself in a flash.

These are just highlights of how major areas of concern for a pharmacy business can be effortlessly overcome with retail pos software system. There are numerable tangible and intangible benefits which will be addressed in my further posting.

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