Restaurant Mobile App – 6 New Features You Can’t Miss in ServJoy

Restaurant Mobile App

Restaurant Mobile App

Well, this is in continuation to my previous post on ServJoy, that features the milestones that our restaurant mobile app crossed through. Felt that it is time to shed some extra light on the enhancements made recently. So here it goes…

Enhanced Item Search

Scrolling through the mobile app to find your guest choice of dish has been made more easier now. Search for an item in ServJoy not only by using “Name” but also using their “Code or alias code” 

Order of Priority

Now… make a note of your guest order preferences by marking their priorities in our order taking restaurant mobile app Serve your guest based on their preferences rather than serving it by your chef’s preference

Split a Bill

Let’s say a group consisting of 6 people dine at your place and while they ask for bill they want to split the bill among themselves. In cases like this split a single bill into 2 or more counter parts

Access All Tables on the Floor

For instance let’s say that Captain 1 handles 4 tables A, B, C & D. While he is attending to the guest in Table A there comes a request from Table C requesting another order. Now the guest in Table A need not wait until Captain1 attends him. Captain 2 or 3 can access other Captains Table too. Now that Table A ‘s order can be viewed by other captains your guest get satisfied even when there is a switch in Captain addressing them

Bill from ServJoy

This feature helps you convert guest “orders to bill” right from ServJoy. Convert all KOT’s into one or more bill for settlement in just a touch, thereby eliminating the to and fro walks

Pre – defined bill discount

Discount! This one word that can woo your customers… Start processing pre – defined discounts created in your backend POS, from ServJoy – the Restaurant Mobile App !

And that’s not all! Access all these along with the existing features.

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