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Spot the bill tampering at your store | Retail Malpractices

Being a cricket-loving nation, we might have definitely come across the recent ball-tampering fiasco. As a cricket lover, it is really disheartening to know that even the best in the business have done such an act and it is not the first time that it is occurring. There have been reports that such things have been happening for decades that were not captured by any umpire or match referees

Even the best players and legends of the game have accepted that they were involved in the ball tampering. But how did it get the limelight (of course a pretty ugly one) this time around?

CAMERAS!!!! Technology was the differentiator. No wonder the cameraman Zotani Oscar was hailed as a hero!

When the incident happened, the umpires were not even aware of it until the replays of the players tampering the ball were replayed continuously on the big screen at the ground. The cameras captured the act so convincingly that there was no hiding and the players had no other choice but to accept.

Being an entrepreneur, one can easily relate such an entire incident to their business. There can be many such balls tampered with the business where there are no cameras. The damage done will always be unknown until it is found out by the Match Refereethe Business Owner.

The business owner might just not be able to rightly monitor such acts like billing malpractices & ‘bills being tampered’. But technology can do the trick for them. Let us see how retail malpractices can be avoided.

Information Technology over the years…

With technology taking over the world over the last couple of decades, Retail & Restaurant businesses were not to be let alone. With the increasing globalization of these businesses, both in terms of point of sale and point of supply, the role of technology has just been increasing over the years to manage and track their complex operations. Slowly, progressive businesses started to realize that control of data and information from the market gives them the competitive advantage, resulting in increased IT spends.

IT in businesses

There has been a clear indication that IT has accelerated processes and delivered cost-saving benefits. One can today manage multiple outlets have an overview of the sales, purchases, Inventory, customers and even stocks. But what is the point of implementing technology if there is no transparency and accessibility?

A typical Point-of-Sale software?!

A software that is used for Billing is a called a POS (Point-of-sale) software. Just like how mobile phones have evolved from being just a device to make calls to what it is today, a typical Point-of-sale software these days is expected to do a lot more than just billing.

Today, a POS does not just ring up sales but gather vital, real-time information about inventory, purchases and even customers. So it is totally okay (or in fact, mandatory) to invest in a good POS. In other words business management system for your business can act as a barrier for retail malpractices.

End of the day, a good point of sale will be a virtual manager who keeps you updated real-time with what is happening at your business wherever you are. It will prevent stock-outs, get the best prices from your suppliers, helps you with reports to measure your business growth, and yeah, of course, prevents your BILLS being TAMPERED.

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