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Small Players stepping up with Supermarket Solutions

Today, I want to introduce you to an aspirational retailer based in Gurgaon, India. Royalmart is a Supermarket store dealing with multiple categories of products. They are in business for the last 19 years and the entire operations was done manually. Obviously, manual work also requires lots of staff who are trustworthy and do the work diligently. Royalmart was facing many day-to-day challenges such as low on stocks, inaccurate and very slow billing, accounts management, etc.

Royalmart wanted to grow but first it had to align its operations that would jet set it to meet future challenges and manage its growing customer base. They adopted GoFrugal’s Supermarket Solutions and their experience with it has been very fascinating not only in terms of easy implementation and usage but the sharp rise in sales by 25%. Want to know more then go ahead and watch them narrate their story in person.

We shall be covering more such stories of aspirational retailers in the forthcoming blogs. Till then happy reading 🙂

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