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Successful Retailers in The Manchester of South India are benefited by GOFRUGAL

The Manchester of South India, Coimbatore got its name probably because of the immense contribution by a nearby little town called Tirupur. Just like any other small town in South India, you can think of Tirupur as a unruly, polluted and noisy little landscape. But is that it ? Don’t judge yet.

Although Tirupur doesn’t give justice or any kind of scenic indication to the fact it is one of the largest foreign exchange earners of India, This place is pretty special where leading global brands meet their needs and the clothes produced here will be available in largest retail stores across the world.

Tirupur garment retailer can hand over customized sample clothes within 6 hours – and a million pieces in a matter of days.

“Yes! That’s how capable we are. A garment shop especially in Kadharpet area has more International customers than Indian consumers.” says Mr.Vijayakmar, the proprietor of TWINSTAR FASHIONS.

How do you manage different customer base and different taxes ?

“I am able to give my stock to different customers and at different rates based on their previous purchase. Our Billing Software – GOFRUGAL saves 50% of my time. The Price Level feature is a booster to my business to increase the customer base. The import and Export duties are managed easily by built in Tax filing application”

So Yeah, A Right Point of Sale software plays a vital role in a garment retailers’ success. Not only one, there are 78 unique garment stores that use GOFRUGAL Software solutions for their billing and inventory management in one particular region – Tirupur.

“Since the software meets all our expectations of a point of sale manager, we are using GOFRUGAL POS for our retail outlet as well as distribution unit” – BODY DREAMS, Tirupur.

Is it not difficult to manage Retail and Distribution outlets at the same time, that too with Readymade Garments business?

“Even when I’m traveling to meet my customers and for other business expansion related journeys, I am able to get instant updates on my store happenings in the form of mobile reports. WhatsNow mobile app helps me to get details of sales, current stock and all other details that a proprietor wants” – Jaasrita Collections, Coimbatore

So is Tirupur only about Garments? Nothing else?

#We got an interesting answer from Ms. Krithika of Baby Shoppee

It’s difficult to answer this question. But yeah, major focus and specialty of the area is the garments business. For us, We exclusively deal with baby stuff – All kinds of baby dresses. But in addition to that, we had opportunity to sell more – so we included other related items like baby toys, cosmetics etc.  GOFRUGAL Software helped me manage all kinds of items – Toys to dresses so easily and maintain perfect Inventory. Coupled with my innovative ideas and software help, I was able to expand from ONE outlet to THREE outlets in a single year.

As for any business, a good and robust retail software is required for garments also. It is now evident that majority of successful retailers in the garment-hub prefer GOFRUGAL to any other software. We at GOFRUGAL are looking forward to collaborate with Garment retail businessmen, with a goal to boost their business and way forward, call Manchester as “The Tirupur of England”

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