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The "BEST POS" Software for Supermarket – Sri Venkateshwara Supermarket

Venkateshwara Supermarket Business Overview :

Venkateshwara supermarket was established in the year 2004 and from there on they have expanded their operations across 3 outlets in Chennai. Every outlet ranges between 12000 – 15000 sq feet and each outlet deals with more than 36000 SKU’s During peak hours in the evening they handle nearly 500 customers/hour and in week ends it is goes above 800 customers/hour They deal with different categories of products namely Grocery, Cosmetics, Plastics, Gift items and Essentials.

Venkateshwara supermarket store has been using GoFrugal’s supermarket POS software for the last 5 years. Mr.Ponraj, the proprietor of Venkateshwara speaks his heart out about his experience after implementing GoFrugal’s complete retail business management solutions  for his supermarket. He hails GoFrugal as his “Trusted Companion” even while his journey abroad to countries like china as he was able to access the business information anytime through his laptop, Ipod and Mobile. He expresses how the billing and customer satisfaction experienced a sharp positive turn taking them to bigness in business.

The following are the major benefits enjoyed by Venkateshwara Supermarket:

  • “Faster and non-stop billing resulting in faster check outs” and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Adept “visibility of the counter operations” there by eliminating malpractice completely.
  • “Trusted Companion” even during business trips to abroad. Informative and well designed “Dashboards and Snapshots” facilitating well informed business decisions.
  • 24×7 Omni-channel support” and break fix maintenance.

Summary :

The innumerable benefits enjoyed by Venkateshwara Supermarket has made its proprietor to come out strongly with a profound statement that GoFrugal’s solutions are the “BEST” for supermarkets. As software solution developers for present as well as for future, GoFrugal is always striving hard to lure and gain confidence of customers by helping them derive the perceived value. The solutions are highly scalable and are in tune with growing technology and expanding business. GoFrugal is the solution for aspiring business and ambitious business owners.

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