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Are you an unhappy retailer?

Last updated on June 2nd, 2022 at 10:44 am

Worried retailer

Worried retailer


There are many articles and suggestions available on the internet regarding how a busy retailer can balance their work and life. Well, they are quite insightful, only very impractical. They focus on points like “Talk through busy times” , “Leave a small message” etc. If you are a busy and unhappy retailer, pretty sure you’d understand why I said its “impractical”. What they miss is a very logical way to make it possible. Would you believe? Integrating the correct technology in your business can actually reduce all the stress and can bring immense joy in your life.

Unhappy Retailer

Unhappy Retailer

  1. Where is the real stress and why are you an unhappy retailer? -  According to Business Knowledge Source, factors that you cannot control are the leading cause of stress in the workplace.Yes, you are selling but are you selling enough? Do you know what are you selling less? Is everything correct in your ledgers, worse, Is everything in your ledgers? Do your customers even like buying from you? These are a part of a long list of issues that bothers every businessman because they are not in complete control of it.
  2. Is complete control even possible? – Definitely, Yes! A simple and intuitive point of sale software can automate all the operations in a business that looks practically impossible manually. Also, it gives you the power to “Measure and Manage”. Well let’s see how …
  3. GOFRUGAL’s suggestion to unhappy retailer– We at GOFRUGAL, using our 10+ years experience of  interactions with few hundred thousand of retailers , have come up with a product tailor-made for businessman who seek control along with profit.

– Shoppers today want bills printed and Shop owners want bills printed fast. Our Cash registers solves both. Know what got sold often and Plan your purchase accordingly.

– Throw away all ledgers and parchments and close soon after business hours because all transactions are automatically recorded in our integrated accounting module.

– Cut the phone calls to your shop when you are out in holidays. We will help you keep a track on your business performance even when you are out of shop. With our WhatsNow app, access your business reports anywhere anytime.

Come back home happy and live a better day with your family. Be a smart businessman, a digital retailer – a digitailer .

Get control today? See for yourself!