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What is ONDC? Why ONDC over e-commerce Platforms? – Gofrugal

Open Network for Digital Commerce. What is ONDC? Why ONDC ober e-commerce platforms? - Gofrugal

The Pandemic ousted the way humans shopped and boosted the e-Commerce industry by flooding online orders. However, post-pandemic, the competitive market demanded the rise of Q-commerce, making it the new normal. This heavily hit independent businesses, thereby decreasing the share of offline commerce. What if every business gets on a network of commerce with a buyer audience bigger than any existing e-Commerce platform? Yes. There’s one in the making! Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), one neutral, democratic, revolutionary leveler, often analogized with the UPI in regards to the magnitude of change it can make is set to be the future of Indian e-Commerce.

Let’s dive in and unravel ONDC!

What is Open Network for Digital Commerce?

What is ONDC? A buyer can buy from registered sellers on ONDC via apps like Paytm, WhatsApp, Kotak. The sellers can register on ONDC through Gofrugal.

Open Network for Digital Commerce is a non-profit digital e-Commerce junction for buyers and sellers to connect, with associated logistics and service partners. It was initiated by the Government of India to provide an unparalleled monetary frame, audience scale, and autonomy in the e-Commerce sector. Buyers can shop groceries and food from a sea of sellers on everyday apps like Paytm, Whatsapp, Kotak, etc. Sellers get the biggest possible buyer audience without having to invest in digital marketing or worrying about logistics management. Robust cross-sectional transaction programming will lay the foundations for the seamless integration of Buyers, Retailers, and Logistics. Starting with the Retail and Restaurant sectors, today, the ONDC platform will soon host the Wholesale, Food delivery, Mobility, Tourism, and Hospitality, Travel sectors.

With 30+players plugging in currently and hundreds to join them, ONDC stands firm on being a democratic platform. ONDC will tune the network’s management and regulate policies with the long-term goals of developing and sustaining the platform. Your consumers, the buyers will have the benefit of data privacy on choosing ONDC over their current e-Commerce choices. Mr. Thampy Koshy, CEO of ONDC, says that the ‘data stored on the network will be minimal – data needed for delivery and statutory purposes’ as piling consumer data for economic returns is not an idea.

Why Open Network for Digital Commerce?

ONDC, the market maker, was birthed to solve the challenges faced by independent small businesses in trading with e-Commerce giants – posed by their hefty policies and grueling commission charges. ONDC transcends this by charging you only the referral commission of 3% for finding your buyer. And, that is 7 to 10 times less than the usual online-selling commission rate of 23% to 28% on the cart value. Along with this, ONDC brings unmatched consumer reach by leveraging the consumer base of various everyday consumer apps like Paytm, WhatsApp, Kotak, and many more!

You may feel content with the e-Commerce platform that you have been owning, yet, ONDC is a must-consider platform!

Why ONDC when owning an e-Commerce platform?

With ONDC registration, independent businesses can realize their going-online(along with going-big) dreams by digitizing their e-Commerce with minimal investment. Because, you get to sell on apps that consumers are already using, with fair and equal norms.

ONDC is expected to raise the pincode coverage of the Indian e-Commerce sector from 20,000 pincodes to 100,000 pincodes. And thus the retailers in the online space will spike from 25 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs. Don’t lose the customer base to your competitors, owing to your online absence.

With ONDC happening, the e-Commerce consumer base of India is expected to go from 9 Crores to 30+ Crores. You do not want to miss this crowd of consumers, do you? To stay idle today would be the right mistake you can make in the present, to your future. Are you waiting for the right person to take you online?

Break barriers between you and your consumers: Market and Consumers wait for none! The big e-Commerce players have burnt capital through the pandemic and post-pandemic periods and have built a competitive hill. But the ONDC portal democratizes this bumpy market terrain by untying the platform-centric paradigm and building a Buyer-Seller-centric platform.

Go Omnichannel, the need of the hour: Don’t miss the race! Any established restaurant takes orders, party orders, allows dine-in, telephonic orders, and WhatsApp bookings in order to not lose a single selling space. You should definitely consider reaping profits by boarding your business on ONDC.

Reach your customers from multiple platforms: Who’d want to miss the huge multi-channel consumer audience? From offering a low buyer-finder fee to granting autonomy, ONDC frees businesses from heavy commission charges. Here, you set the prices for your customers without a central intermediary.

A must-try platform with low investment: ONDC levies a low cost of customer acquisition, with only the buyer-finder fee and zero online-selling fees. The cost of servicing is cut down with the self and third-party logistics management options. Apart from the increased hyper-local visibility, ONDC eliminates the digital marketing costs, with the buyer apps being regular consumers.

Your consumer base would love to shop from you on online spaces. And if you have not been online, it’s high time you got onto the podium and performed to their expectations. Let’s keep them clapping!

How to register on ONDC?

As ONDC is a buyer-seller network, buyers and sellers can register on ONDC. We’ll look at both procedures in detail.

ONDC Seller Registration


1. A seller platform 

The product data (price, image, details, offer, etc. ) that customers view on the ONDC Buyer apps will be fetched from the seller platform. Not only that, the sales orders, payment, deliveries, will all be managed from the seller platform. As a front-running seller platform on ONDC platform, we are ready to partner with you right now. So, that’s Gofrugal’s role – Onboarding you to ONDC portal by digitizing your store, inventory, and operations in a Frugal way!

2.An active GST

That’s the final requirement.

The rest is our part. Your GST will be linked with a unique key generated for you after the verification by ONDC. And thus you have established your unique identity on the network. Then, we create a merchant for you with your shop name, catalog, bank account to receive payments and take you to the Buyer apps. On the mainstream e-commerce platforms, customers come to shop from the so-and-so platform. On ONDC platform, your store is the hero, customers come to shop from you through everyday apps like PayTM, PhonePe, WhatsApp, etc.

As a seller onboarding the revolutionary e-commerce network, you get to know the complete roles and responsibilities of the ONDC network beforehand. Along with getting your network key generated with  your GST, you establish your long lasting bond with ONDC network with the onboarding agreement.

All that you have to do as a seller on ONDC is to partner with us. ONDC is at its pilot phase and is soon set to host the nation’s public. We’ll on-board you to ONDC as an early-bird seller.  Grab this opportunity to widen your customer base. Try our ERP on a 15-day free trial and be the first on ONDC from your locality.

As a seller you will have to pay a net buyer-finder fee of 3.54% (inclusive of taxes)  on the cart value to PayTM (this might vary with each buyer app). With almost 60+ buyer apps in the pipeline to join the ONDC e-commerce revolution, this buyer-finder fee is set to stabilize and get attractive for you to leverage the demand.

ONDC Buyer Registration

ONDC being at its pilot phase doesn’t stop consumers from ordering online! Yes, all that consumers need is – make one PayTM Wallet transaction. And guess what? Consumers are eligible to register! Consumers can now be whitelisted to be the first ever users of this e-commerce revolution.

Start Online with Gofrugal!

Wondering why you should choose Gofrugal to join a PAN India platform when there will be other seller partners?Here’s why retailers have been approaching Gofrugal to board ONDC:

What do you get by joining Gofrugal to enter ONDC? Plausibly everything! Our coming together is just the beginning. As a result of the integration, you will be part of an incredible omnichannel transformation into all possible platforms with one-time cataloging. Your customers can shop from your store on any channel, pay you from any channel and you can deliver through any channel with channel-specific inventory and pricing. At the end of the day, your sales, accounts, and inventory data will be in complete synchronization and you can manage your business with insightful reports and dashboards.

By choosing Gofrugal, you can get the complete business management solutions to support your offline and online store, which is a win-win with the best solutions for both spaces. The ERP arms your business with Sales Management, Purchase Management, Accounts Management, Inventory Management, Order Management, and Delivery Management solutions. The team from Gofrugal will ensure your seamless adoption with quick data migration, training, and 24*7 service along with the perfect integrations to fit your choice.  

Gofrugal’s ERP Solutions module is the best employee!

Be an early bird seller on ONDC. Talk to Gofrugal's consultanat.

If freedom is your choice over policies, Gofrugal can get your store an exclusive e-Commerce platform in 7 days with Order management, Delivery management, and Inventory Management, the way you want it!

ONDC, the twenty-first-century market catalyst is expected to drive the Gross Merchandise Value of India from 4.5 Lakh Crore to 7.5 Lakh Crore. ONDC is set to reach the consumers of the nation in all its versatility. Stand ahead of fellow businesses and amass profit by going digital with Gofrugal, early on the platform. Be online visible with this hyper-local e-Commerce-empowering initiative and become the go-to online store of your locality. Gofrugal has been onboarding businesses to the ONDC platform right from the pilot phase and is pioneering it. Come, be part of this e-Commerce revolution and go big by going frugal!