Everyday across the globe, business transformation are switched on instantly through our able solutions. With the core motto of ensuring businesses exprience simplicity, we have crafted our products across retail, restaurant and distribution business. The new GOFRUGAL logo and tagline resound our motto at heart.

Logo Display

The GOFRUGAL logo is trademarked and needs to be used with the tagline. While using the brand name we insist you to our name in upper case.

Logo in grayscale

If you have limitations with respect to colors, say while printing, we also have black and white versions

Logo in background color

You may use the logo in any background colour and while the background colour is our logo's primary or secondary colour we insist you use it with a white patch as shown.

sizes & safe areas

The wordmark must not be removed even when the logo is used at minimum sizes. The least the logo size can go is 8mm & not below it.

Full Logo

Small Logo

10mm Logo

8mm Logo


Our logo was crafted to perfection by a bunch of creative minds, our humble request to pay attention while using in collateral

  • Do not Shrink or Stretch, its painful

  • Do not Distort or Warp, we value our logo much

  • Do not alter the brand's original colour combination

  • Do not use any other font, the brand's typeface is unique

Dark Blue

Color Codes

Colour is an important element, it keeps our brand recognisable, it reflects our personality and helps our communications stand out.


Montserrat, the font typeface that resonates work, dedication & care which are in sync with our motto.


All GOFRUGAL logo variations in one shot