GoFrugal builds software for digitizing Retail, Restaurant & Distribution businesses and our brand is crafted to reflect that. A smarter & digitally connected solution provides the best experience and transforms the way of doing business. The new GoFrugal logo and tagline has been created to resound the same.

Logo Display

The GoFrugal logo is a trademark and we have two versions, the G alone or the brand name as a whole. You can choose any one of them based on the place of usage. But we recommend you to use the logo with full brand name.

Logo in grayscale

If you have limitations with respect to colors, say while printing, we also have black and white versions

How to use the logo for Background in brand's color

You have the freedom to use anyone of the logos listed, if you are displaying the brand identity in the primary color background

The “G” icon

When you have a space constraint or if you are talking to an audience familiar with GoFrugal, you can use the "G" logo to represent brand identity. However, we recommend you to use the logo with full brand name as far as possible

The No's

Our logo was crafted to perfection by a bunch of creative minds, our humble request to pay attention while using in collateral

  • Do not Shrink or Stretch, its painful

  • Do not Distort or Warp, we value our logo much

  • Do not alter the brand's original colour combination

  • Do not use any other font, the brand's typeface is unique

Color Codes


All GoFrugal logo variations in one shot