POS Software with Business Intelligence & Data Analysis

Tool to track, analyze and take informed decisions to manage & grow

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GoFrugal's solution offers various ways to analyse business which helps in making informed decisions. The smart tools help in tracking stock worth, category-wise ROI, lost sales, fast moving & non-moving product inventory status, competitive intelligence, supplier performance, regular & non-purchasing customers list, product mix, product stock arrangement, etc.

Key Features

  • Business flash card reflect the overall business health status with details of daily sales, purchases, expiry for the month / coming month, outstanding receivable & payable, high value bills for the day, etc
  • Graphical representation of daily / monthly sales & gross profit
  • Analyse based on product category, brand, manufacturer, distributor, purchase days vs sales days, sales number of days, etc
  • Competitor information tracking helps to maintain competitor product data which leads to effective price setting & offer management to customers
  • Foot fall measurement helps to analyse number of foot falls & conversion ratio in a shop which in turn also helps measuring the number of foot falls during offers & promotions
  • Analytical reports on slow moving, fast moving, products with low margin & high margin, etc
  • Monitor the product flow for a given date range, product wise, distributor wise, brand wise, design wise, manufacturer wise, etc
  • Analyse profit maximization & space age