Solution Highlights

Real-time visibility
Real-time visibility

Take critical decisions without delay by getting reports delivered to your inbox with our 24x7 centralized control system.

Control your Supply Chain
Fool proof Inventory

Track inventory from its procurement through the point of sale down to the customer's bag, thereby reducing theft & pilferage.

Expand & Grow
Easy Data Administration

Holding data on cloud reduces instances of mismatch, thus making it easier to take critical business decisions.

Zero maintenance costs
Zero maintenance costs

There is no installation. No software upgrades or additional hardware. No maintenance costs. Realize your freedom with TruePOS.

Secure offline support

Works both in online & offline mode, with capability to auto-synchronize data with server on network boot-up.

Minimal Data conflicts
Increased Availability

With 99.99% uptime performance & a capability to work offline, you can bill customers 24x7 with minimal issues.