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GOFRUGAL Cloud POS Multiple Stores Solution Architecture

Cloud POS Chain Deployment Diagram
  • Master Data Management

    Complete data centralization allows you to store data related to inventory, category, tax, price, suppliers, customers, employees etc. In addition, you can easily merge, purge, correct and synchronize the data as required.

    Extensive category classification provides insight into categories that are fast selling, slow moving, margin creators, loss leaders, etc. Further, you can drill down to the SKU level for each category Supports multiple SKU types including standard, serialized, kit, assembly, bulk, repack, etc.

  • Warehouse Management

    Manage multiple warehouses based on location and convenience through automatic stock selection from warehouse based on different parameters. Track inventory movement right from indent requests to stock dispatch at warehouse to item receipt at various outlets.

    In addition, monitor stock in-transit between outlets to the last cartel and avoid meaningless reordering. Auto replenishment based on preset levels not only reduces out-of-stock scenarios, but also assures smooth operation of supply chain.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Centralized purchase management allows you to manage suppliers from a single place and achieve advantages through economy of scale. Manage your order planning process according to the purchase day cycles of each supplier. Implement GIN process and track Purchase Order for quicker turn around.

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  • Pricing Management

    Manage consistent yet differential pricing across different stores from central office. Set selling price for an individual store, or a group of stores. It can also be set for one batch of the same product, for select batches or for all batches. Define control measures for warning you on price change errors. This is especially critical when you inadvertently set the selling price below landing cost or below gross margin or even above MRP.

  • Store Management

    Configure business process to suit your business needs - item scanned, item discounts, bill discounts, price levels, rate selection, stock selection, customer details selection, multiple tender types etc; all from a central location. For each tender, specify rules related to bill amount limit, service charges applicable, denomination details required etc.

  • Offers & Promotions

    Extend and customize promotions module as the per your business needs. Create promotion family and define rules for a promotion or a set of promotions for a specific product or category of products. Track your promotions impact through reports.

  • Financial Accounting

    Set global/local scope for ledger depending on the need. They can also be merged centrally for consolidation purpose. Create multiple named budgets to effectively address different business scenarios.Control voucher entries through monitoring & approval.

    Also supports single & double entry system. Centralized bill-wise payments for suppliers & customers. Create Financial Reports for all accounting operations like Day Book,Cash Book,Sales Book etc.

  • Security

    Centralized Control of all the stores - for all roles & users. Generate Audit report of all operations, in addition to catching of exceptions. Generate security reports at the HO level such as item void, bill void, aborted bill attempts, etc.