MIS, BI & Statutory Reports

Helps you analyze, find and take decisions quickly

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MIS, BI & Statutory module help you take faster accurate decisions, by providing a comprehensive and exhaustive report. The process engine not only tracks your various transactions, but also dive in, analyze and report trends and insights.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Stock and Sales report for all inward & outward transactions.
  • Outstanding report based on area or salesman for field sales collection.
  • Dashboard to find Top 'N' products, brands, salesmen or customers.
  • Flash card of your complete business in a snap shot.
  • Accurately analyzes and reports on fast moving, excess, shortage, non-moving and dead stocks.
  • Report Scheduler, Personalization and Security features (user & role based settings for menus and screens) are also available.
  • My Reports as a shortcut for accessing frequently viewed reports.
  • Easily configure and re-configure reports by enabling, disabling or rearranging columns.
  • Audit, report and export each and every transaction in text, xls, html or PDF file format.