Sales Order & Invoicing

Highly integrated sales process

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Easy and efficient invoicing, support for multiple order types such as direct, salesmen, telephonic etc., highly configurable interface â?? these are but few benefits of using our integrated sales module.

Key Features of Reporting tool

  • Easily convert sales order and delivery notes into invoices.
  • Supports multiple tax structure like VAT, additional tax, Cess, Excise, Octroi and Agriculture Product Market Cess (APMC) etc.
  • Configure price (both cash & product) and offers in the invoice according to the price control.
  • Supports multi format, as well as multi company invoicing, for billing multiple company items in one invoice easily. You can also view customer buying history at the time of billing.
  • Exclude bills from daily pick slips (for each representative) by marking them as 'Direct Supply'.
  • Easily refer Customer outstanding, credit and delivery note values.