Unleash channel potential and maximize distribution sales

Manage sales centrally

  • Gain sales visibility throughout the supply chain, effortlessly tracking primary and secondary levels. You can even track tertiary levels for exclusive brand outlets.
  • Effectively oversee dashboards, reports, stock, and sales of distributors in one place.
  • Set targets for distributors and their sales representatives and efficiently monitor their performance centrally.
Managing sales centrally in distributor management system
Distributor management system sales report
Sales report in cloud DMS

Make decisions faster

  • Gather performance input at hierarchical levels, ranging from zone and region to state, area, and distributor.
  • Collect real-time input on team performance, covering trade, special, and regular schemes, loyalty programs, and target vs. achievement to share with stakeholders for monitoring.
  • Gain insights into product performance to strategically plan replacements or restock popular items while also identifying underperforming products to implement targeted offers and schemes.
Interactive reports in dealer distributor management system
Decision making reports in cloud DMS

Communicate effectively

  • Instantly share information about a new product launch to distributors throughout the supply chain using brochures, video materials, and PDFs.
  • Provide immediate communication on new offers, schemes, loyalty details, and refill updates for zero-stock items upon replenishment.
  • Efficiently acquire competitor information and integrate it seamlessly with your head office to make informed decisions to ensure a competitive advantage in the market.
Dealer distributor management system's communication
Communicating efficiently using cloud DMS

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Centralized management

Single point of control to create or update item, supplier, customer, and distributor masters. It's easy to set up pricing and customer categories across outlets, regions, and areas.

Efficient schemes communication

Scheme creation and management from the head office with proper tracking and claim process to ensure the scheme is utilized efficiently and is beneficial.

Hybrid architecture

Web-based and on-premises application with real-time sync to the head office, featuring branded customization. Our automated tool smooths your transition from any software or Excel, ensuring swift onboarding with zero downtime.

Secure operations

Highly reliable and secured application with offline outlet operations functionality, automatic data sync, and backup capabilities for seamless operations.

Seamless integration

Integrate and communicate flawlessly with any manufacturer or depot ERP and SAP. Avoid manual and duplicate work in the head office and distributor point.

Elevate your performance: Explore the supercharged features of our distributor management system

Features of our distributor management system

Complete control on
price and masters

Maintain uniform master data and streamline processes across the entire supply chain.

  • Create and manage masters centrally and push them to distributors. Avoid the hassle of manual exporting and importing operations.
  • Access comprehensive information on distributor performance, customer databases, and purchasing trends.
  • Modify pricing effortlessly and witness real-time updates at distributor locations, ensuring immediate implementation across the network.
Price control in cloud dms distributor management system

Inventory management

Know what's flowing at your distribution outlets, holding costs, and stock levels to improve supply chain efficiency.

  • Trace stock movement from the head office to the end customer, monitoring primary, secondary, and tertiary levels.
  • Obtain real-time visibility into inventory across the distributor network. Streamline stock accuracy at distributor hubs through centralized stock audit management.
  • Access centralized data on stock levels, sales, and stock ledgers, and manage entries for damaged stock.
Inventory management in cloud DMS

Seamless ordering and
delivery process

Experience end-to-end supply chain automation from order initiation to delivery.

  • Provide distributors with a user-friendly digital platform for seamless order placement, facilitating swift sales order to sales conversions.
  • Streamline the entire delivery process with a dedicated application, managing assignments, tracking, and outstanding collections effortlessly.
  • Ensure the timely delivery of all orders by strategically planning each dispatch, saving time, fuel, and fostering stronger customer relationships.
Delivery management in cloud DMS

Comprehensive reports
and dashboards

Gain real-time visibility into overall performance metrics and track individual distributor performance effectively for instant decision-making.

  • Monitor surpluses or shortages with detailed reports including item-wise stock and sales, purchase orders, purchase reports, and closing stock reports, aiding informed decision-making.
  • View and customize dashboard reports by zone, region, state, area, distributor, representative, customer, retailer, or dealer.
  • Analyze insights across dimensions using a dynamic dashboard, and automate daily reporting with scheduled reports.
Reports dashboard for cloud dms distributor management system

Sales force management

Empower field sales representatives to drive sales and accelerate growth.

  • Empower field sales teams with real-time stock data and geo-location-based check-ins for efficient order taking.
  • Notify sales teams about focus products to enhance market penetration and sales strategies.
  • Streamline travel schedules by efficient route planning and scheduling visits based on geographic areas, beats, and market segments.
Sales force automation in cloud DMS

Benefits of using the DMS efficiently for distributors

Effortless stock auditing

Convenience is at the forefront, as our browser-based application and mobile apps facilitate stock auditing and reporting tasks, eliminating the need for hardware dependencies.

Efficient credit control

Credit control becomes more efficient with features allowing distributors to set credit limits, track outstanding balances, and automate payment notifications to dealer or retailers.

Integrated GST accounting

Our DMS includes built-in accounting software with GST functionality making tax filing, e-invoicing, and e-way management more efficient.

Automated loyalty

Distributors can track and redeem retailer loyalty points seamlessly, including gift claims, with a fully automated loyalty management system.

Sales force automation

Order placement and outstanding collections can be streamlined by distributors according to the sales force through a mobile application that automatically syncs with their system.

Prioritized data security

Exclusive ownership ensures confidential management of multi-brand databases without sharing information with others.

Revolutionizing the sales game with a salesman DSR app

Eliminate manual, error-prone methods in distribution sales and empower sales people with distributor management software (DMS) equipped with a game-changing DSR app that turns your sales team into an unstoppable sales machine.

Customer details screen in cloud DMS sfa app Performance dashbard of cloud DMS salesman Dealer and distributor management system's route planner in mobile app Payment collection through sfa app of cloud DMS
Distributor ordering app in cloud DMS Online ordering app dashboard of distributor and consumer management Dealer and distributor management system's online ordering app Distributor ordering app in cloud DMS Online ordering app dashboard of distributor and consumer management Dealer and distributor management system's online ordering app

Embracing digital transformation across every level of distribution with a dealer and retailer app

Give distributors (dealers) and retailers the convenience to order what they need using their mobile phone whenever they need to, no matter their location. The order gets mapped automatically to the nearest distributor based on the ordering location.

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