Specially crafted distribution billing software for managing Pickle production, distribution, billing, and delivery

FMCG distributon management solution

Faster order processing with seamless product flow

Controls the entire production process with centralized inventory to assure that the prepared pickles and packaging materials are available for continuous packaging with detailed information at each stage

Sell on-the-go with Van Sales

Pickle distribution billing software enables you to take new orders on the go, in van, during sales or delivery, using the EarnSmart mobile solution. Also gives you the advantage to issue bills by connecting EarnSmart with the Bluetooth printers.

Build relationship with customer by Price level

Set different prices for different customers, categories, or areas with Pickle distribution software to give unique offers and pricing to each customer based on their purchase frequency and quantity to make them feel valued, and to increase the footfall

Micromanagement of each operation

Control your raw material as per your need and make a production plan, issue bill of materials, calculate the overall cost, manpower cost, and wastages with quality control at every stage using Pickle distribution software


Transform your pickle distribtuion business with the right digital tools


Take orders, create receipts and bill on the go with a sales force automation app

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An online ordering portal with credit terms and outstanding details to measure and improve service levels.

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Take a sneak-peek into Gofrugal Pickle distribution billing software

FMCG distribution

Intuitive billing: Flexible billing, packing with batch control, multiple discounts, additional charges and Taxes, billing history, returns and Outstanding values

FMCG distribution

Detailed Report to know your existing stock batchwise with the product name, supplier name, closing quantity, stock value, etc.

FMCG distribution

The actual physical stock, rate can be updated on the go knowing the current stock details. You can get the complete detail in one place and hence your time will be saved

Achieve the Production plan with flexibly adjusting the quantity as per the stock availability and the need

A complete Production Package to plan, audit and achieve your Production Target

FMCG distribution

Know your stock inward: Know the detailed status of the stocks-period wise, purchase rate, quantity, selling rate, tax%, previous month sales, etc to manage your stock replenishment

FMCG distribution
FMCG distribution
FMCG distribution
FMCG distribution
FMCG distribution
FMCG distribution

Complete control of your multi-location Pickle distribution chain

FMCG chain store distribution management

Experience + Gofrugal Distribution software = Delight

Gofrugal has really helped us grow our sales while at the same time reducing costs in raw materials as well as number of salesman.

PonPon Sweets

Subash, Proprietor

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Overview of Pickle distribution billing software

What is Pickle distribution billing software?

Pickle distribution billing software is an all-in-one solution for Pickle manufacturers, distributors, super stockists, and wholesale traders to automate and simplify their product flow by managing everything, from raw material purchase. to delivery at the customer destination and also returns.. Also, Pickle distribution software helps you to maintain a centralized inventory to keep track of all outlets from a single place with detailed information on each product including FSSAI number, Mfg date, and Expiry date.

Benefits of using a Pickle distribution billing software

With the best software for Pickle manufacturing or distribution, business owners can enjoy these below benefits

  • Create your own MRP based on the manufacturing cost calculated in the software considering each cost from pickle raw material, packaging cost, manpower cost to machine cost.
  • Free of cost and sample item management to avoid confusion in the inventory
  • Generate and view intelligent business insights with all the aspects of your business from anywhere to analyze and optimize your business efficiently using WhatsNow mobile application
  • Fix your own price by knowing the production cost and bid lower than your competitors to win more orders and safeguard your margin at the same time
  • Manage your prepared pickles and also different sized bottles, cork, and labels, reduce it from the inventory as per the production, thus enabling you to manage everything in a single platform
  • Manage different prices for a different types of customers, and connect with everyone from a wholesaler, retailer, and even end consumer without affecting your margin.

Why choose Gofrugal's Pickle distribution billing software?

Gofrugal's pickle distribution billing software helps pickle distribution businesses to reduce their manual efforts by automating their operations. Gofrugal's OrderEasy helps you to take orders from customers, and process them faster by integrating everything in a single platform, thus, reducing the necessity to reach them manually reaching them and helps you process them faster by integrating everything in single platform. Also Gofrugal's GoDeliver lets you plan and manage your deliveries and reduces your time and efforts. Gofrugal's pickle distribution billing software cushions you with the advantage of integrating your e-commerce portals and managing all the online orders and store orders in a single window.

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