Increase your profits with our tailor-made ERP software for Cement Industry

Fast decisions with live data

Cement Distribution software that helps in identifying top 'N' brands, fast, slow, dead, excess, short stock, salesmen, and customers to give your insights on business and also helps in making timely decisions

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Short Order to Delivery cycle

Specialized ERP for Cement industry that helps in increasing the order value and secured payment collection to make sure your delivery cycle is short and offers the best customer experience

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Drill down your growth

Cement Distribution software that provides analytics on your Cement Distribution business performance and helps in making strategic decisions that will add to your bottom line

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Effective Inventory Control

Experience efficient inventory investment, transaction-level control based on individual lot or batch, returns, and expiry tracking with tailor-made ERP for Cement Industry

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Route map and Delivery beat

Cement Distribution ERP Solution that maps beat and area to customers, gives sales analysis, outstanding list, and collection status, and separates delivery beats for efficient delivery

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Area-specific offers and pricing

ERP software for the Cement industry that helps to plan, monitor, and control pricing based on region, customer group, batch, or MRP, and shorten product life-cycle to keep losses at a minimum

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WebOrder online utility tool

Cement Distribution software that helps in increasing orders, improving service levels, lowering reverse logistics cost, reducing fraud and leakage collection

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Do you have a large Cement Industry business?

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You should use Gofrugal's Cement Distribution ERP software

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Mobile app for salesman to take orders remotely and collect payments

Improved customer service with instant stock check, delivery and issue on-spot receipts

Take a sneak-peek into Gofrugal's ERP for Cement Industry

Distribution management software

Intuitive billing: Flexible billing, packing with batch control, multiple discounts, additional charges and taxes, billing history, returns and outstanding values

Manage Container returns: Maintain your base and derived containers, track loss of damage of any container with Container Return Management

Dashboard: Consolidated real-time dashboard with customer data and transactional type information

Schemes and Offers: Configure different types of schemes and offers with proper validation on date. Offers based on specific product, item category, batch/lot

Distribution management software

Comprehensive Inward information: Manage your - packing, batch, free/offer, rates, discounts, tax expiry etc. Previous purchase history, supplier outstanding

Distribution management software

Know your stock Inward: Know the detailed status of the stocks - purchase rate, quantity, selling price, tax %, etc. in Stock Inward screen

Distribution management software

Transaction wise closing stock: Take period wise stock Ledger with inward/outward, Transaction wise closing stock to track every time

Distribution management software

Product Flow analysis: Get a comprehensive analysis of the product flow with history of transfers to the current status with Stock-to-Sales screen

Distribution management software
Distribution management software
Distribution management software
Distribution management software
Distribution management software
Distribution management software
Distribution management software
Distribution management software
Distribution management software

Measure and improve service levels with an online ordering portal

Fulfill all orders accurately and punctually

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Growing Cement Distribution businesses choose Gofrugal's Cement Distribution ERP Solution. Find out why?

Gofrugal has really helped us grow our sales while at the same time reducing costs in raw materials as well as number of salesman.

PonPon Sweets

Subash, Proprietor

Gofrugal fulfills the requirements of the pharma business with features such as expiry management and credit note issuance. I have recommended Gofrugal to nearly 100 people.

Evita Healthcare

Mr. Krishnan, Managing Director

Before Gofrugal, our work took until 9-10 PM; now, we can finish our work by 5-7 PM. We are extremely satisfied with Gofrugal's software.

Sivanandha Traders

Mr. Palanichamy, Proprietor

Get complete control of multi-location chain stores in Cement Distribution using Gofrugal's ERP software for Cement Industry

Uniform product master across outlets
Area specific promotions and offers
Centralized price control
Stock move advice from HO
Lot/Batch based inventory control
Stock and outstanding analysis
Distribution software for multi FMCG store
Cement Distribution ERP Software from Gofrugal helps you to manage the procurement of material on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, thus enabling reduced operating costs, such as lower inventory control costs, lower production costs. Try Gofrugal's ERP software for Cement Industry 30 days free trial!

Overview of Cement ERP Software

What is Cement ERP Software?

The cement industry is one of the most competitive industries in the current scenario involving more human resources and day-to-day business operations. To stay on top of the competition and to meet the market needs, it needs a Cement ERP software that streamlines and tracks all robust operations and potency improvement. The right ERP for the cement industry helps to manage multiple factories and warehouses, different types of transactions (domestic & foreign), and also integrate with systems at vendors or customers' end.

Why do Cement Industries need ERP Software?

The Cement industry has a plethora of business operations and activities. Most of these operations are very intricate and involve multiple stakeholders who will be a part of the workflow. There needs to be a seamless workflow starting from procurement to delivery and also stay updated with Government's compliance. Hence, the cement industry requires robust Cement Distribution software that helps them overcome challenges. The right ERP for the cement industry will help manage multiple factories and warehouses, handling different forms of transactions, updating shipping and billing addresses on the go, updating price fluctuations instantly, creating a solid inventory, etc.

Benefits of using Wholesale Cement Distribution software

A Cement Distribution software is essential considering its benefits to one of the most intricate and niche industries it is. A few of the significant benefits include,

  • Measuring the quality of the cement procured and conducting a comparative analysis on which supplier offers you the best.
  • Building a solid inventory, considering your warehouse capacity. This will make sure you have stocks readily available for customers and also not overload your warehouse beyond its capacity.
  • Updating the price of the cement instantly, based on the market standards. It is essential to update the price so that your competitors do not get ahead of you and you can attract customers.
  • Updating the shipping, billing, and delivery addresses quickly for easy reference. This way, there are no hassles during delivery.

Importance of Cement Industry ERP software

The cement industry is one of the growing industries in any country. The industry is very niche and is often directed by the market's demands. But the nature of the sector as such involved:

  • Many complex operations
  • Multiple stakeholders in the loop
  • Demands often tend to be challenging

Especially with Cement Distribution, there are many stages in the distribution, including purchasing, inventory, sales, delivery, and retail. How do you plan to function efficiently with seamless order processing, tracking if anything goes wrong, and reducing unnecessary expenditure as much as possible? The Cement Distribution ERP software solves all these challenges. There are many warehouses, third-party agents, and high-end consumers involved when it comes to cement distribution. To satisfy everyone's demands, you need a robust ERP solution like Gofrugal's ERP for the cement industry.

Why is Gofrugal the best ERP for Cement Companies?

Gofrugal's Cement Distribution software helps you run your business operations and activities successfully with many specialized features. Our common features include Supply Chain Management, order taking, order processing, inventory management, accounting, and digital solutions, which are very important if you're in the Cement Distribution sector. Gofrugal's ERP software for Cement Industry is the best, as it helps you with a few exclusive features such as

Maintaining stock and building a strong inventory, considering your agent's warehouse capacity

Even if your stocks are loaded in the warehouse, it helps you to deliver directly to the customers by updating billing address, shipping address, and agents' details on the go without any hassle

Have complete control of your inventory by syncing with the warehouse capacity of your third party agent to make sure you don't lose customers because of low stock

Print different bills for delivery and billing, making it easier for the delivery person to deliver

Update the quality grade of the cement to choose the best supplier

Update commercial price details of cement using WhatsNow instantly

Capture more orders using the EarnSmart application

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