Retail Billing Software

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Restaurant POS System

Download Complete POS Software for Restaurant Management

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Android, iPad and web POS
Add predictability, efficiency & speed to your QSR. Flexibility to setup & manage multiple locations easily
KOT mobile app
Manage kitchen orders & taste preferences, Bill 100% of KOT's and prevent revenue leakage
Customer feedback app
Measure customer satisfaction levels with online & offline feedback survey, real-time analytics

Distribution Management Software

Wholesale Distribution Software. Simple to Use & Easy to Implement

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Order, track, collect
Take orders remotely, collect payments & issue on-spot receipts.Improved customer service
POS Reports App
A retailer's business in the pocket with WhatsNow mobile app. Ask questions & get answers in 10secs
Business analytics app
Analytics on your retail store's performance outlet-wise and check % increase/decrease in business

Assured Returns Partner Program(ARPP)

Ease of selling, ease of delivery and ease of dealing with GOFRUGAL