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E-Invoicing does not mean invoices electronically generated directly from GST portal, rather your ERP itself should be capable of generating e-invoices with the unique identifiers viz IRN, QR code responses from GST portal. With the latest GST amendment notification with effect from 1st April 2022, E-Invoicing is applicable for businesses having turnover in excess of 20 crores.

Real time IRN generation with Gofrugal E-Invoicing System

Gofrugal ERP has the capability of E-Invoicing generation right from the first mandate for E-Invoicing implemented on 1st Oct 2020. There is no need for any other separate integration or add on for E-Invoicing when Gofrugal ERP is in action. Gofrugal POS with e invoicing system takes it all with the integrated accounting software AccountsEasy which has eliminated the manual process of E-Invoicing, by directly connecting the POS with the E-Invoicing portal (IRP) and generating the IRN and QR code.

Top 3 reasons why your business need Gofrugal E-Invoicing solutions

Easy to Start

Setup E-Invoicing within 5 minutes in 3 simple steps without any separate integration

Breezy to Generate

Generate E-invoice instantly during billing and track the entire journey with an efficient dashboard

Easy to Maintain

Maintain a complete record of IRN's generated over years in the cloud using GoSecure

1M+ IRNs generated through Gofrugal GST E-Invoice software

Gofrugal has eliminated our manpower cost incurred in doing manual conversion of invoice to E-Invoice by automating E-invoice generation. Elimination of manual error is the key benefit that saves us a lot of time in reconciliation and error fixing.

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Benefits of Gofrugal GST e-Invoicing software

Instant generation of IRN and QR code while creating invoice directly in the POS

Reduced process flow eliminating tangling steps of preparing, downloading, uploading etc

Ability to view IRN and QR code generated anytime even after any number of days

Avoid mismatch and errors by directly posting the bills to IRP

Exclusive TFA portal to manage the pending, failed and successful E-Invoices

Dual validation from our POS as well as from IRP to eliminate manual errors and and generate 100% Tax Complaint invoices

Hassle free Gofrugal E-Invoicing System

E-Invoicing was amended to simplify the GST filing process for business and make them file it on time to reduce tax evasion. We at Gofrugal simplify it even more easier with 3 simple steps using our E-Invoicing solution.

That is it, now start entering your bills and e-invoice generates automatically

Defiance through compliance

Gofrugal POS/ERP guarantees tax compliance for your business by serving as a conduit between your business and GST portal to automate tax posting and filing

Simplified solution

Enable the entire E-Invoicing in just 3 simple steps from our POS. Let your business turnover be of any limit, our E-Invoicing solution eases you the process without any boundaries

Live tracking dashboard

Track the entire journey of your transaction from invoice to E-Invoice along with the pending and failed updates to resolve and push it to IRP again

Instant print of E-Invoices

WIth our Integrated E-Invoicing solution, generate the E-Invoice with the IRN and QR code on the go within seconds of posting the transaction

Print in your own way

Customize the invoice print template with the flexibility to add any disclosures leaving behind the space for IRN and QR code placement

Smart validation in POS

Basic GST disclosures are screened directly in the POS to avoid rejection of invoices for simple errors

Years of Back-ups!

Your business transactions stays secured in the cloud with GoSecure until you delete them. No need to depend on GST portal for IRNs any more

GOFRUGAL - One stop solution for your complete GST compliance

Bundled E-Way bill with E-Invoicing

Gofrugal Tax Filing Application (TFA)'s integrated solutions automates E-Way bill generation directly from E-Invoices by just adding the additional details of the transporter.

E-Invoicing + E-Way bill demo

Simplified GST filing with Gofrugal software

Gofrugal Tax Filing Application is built-in with generation of ready-to-upload JSON/excel/csv files for your regular GST returns like GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3B. You can also perform reconciliation of input tax credit (ITC) as per your credit lying in GSTR-2A and GSTR-2B. Our AccountsEasy app also provides dashboards to review your monthly /quarterly GST liability and ITC positions.

File your GST returns from Gofrugal

Audit Trail is not a Hail

Gofrugal billing and accounting software has the audit trail feature right from the beginning for recording the log of all actions that happen inside. Which is now mandated by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) to all the corporates from 01st April 2022. Gofrugal ensures compliant all the times and offers Audit Trail with tamper proof end to end tracking and prevents fraud.

Secure your business transactions with Audit Trail

Frequently Asked Questions on E-Invoicing

What is E-Invoicing?

E-Invoicing or Electronic Invoicing is the process of uploading all the B2B, SEZ and Export invoices into the GST-IRP portal in JSON format through authorized GSPs in order to generate the Invoice Registration Number (IRN) and Qucik Response (QR) Code to validate the transactions in real time and to automate the tax filing operations for faster input tax credit

What is the eligibility for E-Invoicing?

There is no eligibility for business to generate E-Invoices. Any legal business with valid GST number can generate E-Invoice for their sale that happens.

Whom does E-Invoicing apply to?

From 01st April 2022, E-Invoicing is mandatorily applicable for businesses whose aggregate turnover (all types of sales) cumulatively for a PAN exceeds 20 Crores in any of the financial year from 2017-2018 till 2021-2022.

What are the benefits of electronic invoice system?

  • - Real-time tracking of tax-compliant invoices between Seller, Buyer and Govt. authorities using unique identifiers like IRN and QR Code

    - Faster Input Tax credit by seamless flow of ITC from seller to buyer

    - One-time reporting and Auto-population to GSTR-1 and e-Way bill

    - Continue to provide required disclosures, you can have your own invoice format proving flexibility

    - Reduction of manual mistakes by real time GST portal validation

    - Reduce frauds & manipulations (as immediate reporting to Govt.) curbing Tax evasion

    - Part of Go Green / Digital India initiatives towards paperless offices

What is Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) in E-Invoicing?

Invoice Registration Portal is the gateway to which the invoices will be pushed for validating and generating the unique IRN and QR code by connecting directly with the GST portal.

What is Invoice Registration Number (IRN) in E-Invoicing?

Invoice Registration Number (IRN) is the unique E-Invoice number generated from IRN portal and has to be printed on the E-Invoice given to the buyer

What happens if invalid information is submitted to the IRP portal?

If invalid information is submitted to the IRP portal, it verifies the details against the GST portal, declines the request and doesn't generates IRN and QR code.

What is TFA?

Tax Filing Application (TFA) is the Gofrugal's E-Invoicing solution which connects our POS/Accounting ERP and Government E-Invoicing portal to automate the E-Invoicing process for every transaction that happens.

What is the difference between E-Invoice and E-Way Bill?

E-Invoicing is the latest technology to ease the GST filing for faster input tax credit and generating valid invoices which automatically reflects in the GSTR-1 of seller. E-Way bill is the bill generated for transporting the goods from supplier to buyer, which is mandatory for transporting goods worth more than Rs. 50,000.

what is buyer POS in e invoice?

Buyer Place of Supply (POS) in e invoice is the buyer location code where the goods is to be delivered. In E invoice, it is mentioned as Place of Supply (POS), whearas in GSTR-1 it will be mentioned as Place_Of_Supply_State_ Code. While auto populating e invoice details in GST portal, if the Place of Supply (POS) is updated correctly it be will mapped automatically in GSTR-1.

When will the new e-invoice mandate be implemented?

As per latest GST amendment, E Invoicing is mandated for businesses with aggregate turnover exceeding 20 crores limit from 1st April 2022.

What happens after the invoice is uploaded to the IRP?

Once the invoice is uploaded to the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP), Invoice details will be verified with the GST portal and e-invoice will be generated immediately with the Invoice Registration Number (IRN) and QR Code.

Can a taxpayer sign an e-invoice?

No, for e-invoices signature is not required as the invoices are immediately validated in the E-Invoicing portal with the GST data. Also, as a authentication of verification Invoice Registration Number (IRN) and QR code are affixed in the e invoice.

Can e-invoice be generated in bulk?

Yes, e invoice can be generated in bulk from Gofrugal ERP. Also, Gofrugal helps businesses in reducing the bulk conversion of invoice to e invoice by converting all the invoice directly to e-invoice in the billing screen itself, eliminating the steps of downloading from ERP, uploading in E-Invoice portal.

How to find out if the E-Invoice is generated?

After uploading the invoice in the E-Invoice portal, if the Invoice Registration Number (IRN) and QR code is generated, it confirms that the E-invoice is generated.

How to find out if my E-invoice generation is failed for a particular transaction?

If the invoice uploaded in the E-Invoice portal has invalid or wrong informations, E-Invoice portal will reject the generation of IRP and QR code and those invoices will be moved to failed tab, which can be rectified and uploaded again to the IRP portal and E-Invoice can be generated.

Why is Gofrugal the best in E-invoicing solution?

Gofrugal Electronic Invoicing solution can generate E-Invoices effortlessly at no additional process. Its developed with the goal of easing out the users tax compliance journey with regular tax updates and future proof for tax amendment. Gofrugal provides the best user experience to the customers of any business verticals to simplify and reduce the manual efforts and errors in their day-to-day journey by making them experience simplicity.

How to download Gofrugal free electronic invoicing software?

Gofrugal's free electronic invoicing software can be downloaded by clicking below.