Never worry about losing your data again

Easy automated cloud backup and restore protecting your business data

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Why your business needs GOFRUGAL GoSecure?

Avoid data loss & fortify your data security from malicious threats

Safety net
Run business with peace of mind and 100% business continuity without worrying about losing your data
High Security
Your data is stored in highly secured web servers with automatic encryption
One click restoration
Restore your business data as simple as restoring from your smartphone with just one click!

Impacts of data loss to your business


Statutory compliance

Be it GST or VAT, statutory law mandates generation and maintenance of electronicrecords & documents for at least 3 years in India whereas up to 7 years in few countries. GOFRUGAL GoSecure will be your data locker to store and recover your important business information

Which is best for your business ?

GoSecure vs Manual backup

How GOFRUGAL GoSecure helped businesses to attain peace of mind


1. What is GOFRUGAL GoSecure?

GOFRUGAL GoSecure is an automated cloud data backup & restore tool. It helps to protect your valuable data such as Customer info, transactions, bills payable/receivable, outstanding, etc. Also acts as a shield by protecting your data from Ransomware, Hardware failure, OS corruption, Virus attacks.

2. How to activate GOFRUGAL GoSecure?

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5. What will happen if my internet connection gets disconnected in between?

6. Does GOFRUGAL GoSecure affect my PC performance?

7. If the data is stored in cloud does it mean anyone can access my data?

8. How to recover data from cloud incase I lose my data?

9. What are the benefits of GOFRUGAL GoSecure?

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12. Does GOFRUGAL GoSecure has reports?

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