Important notice on GST from Gofrugal CEO

GST is expected to roll-out by 1st of July and we know you all are eager in understanding the transition process to GST

During the VAT regime, in about 3350 days we had 3600 changes in VAT across India. Gofrugal was always quick in responding to these VAT changes and delivering them. We presume GST would also have many changes & inclusions on a regular basis and we are prepared with a clear plan for you. We will partner with you on the challenging GST transition. Let us not expect perfect one time transition to GST, but prepare ourselves to be agile. We at Gofrugal have prepared ourselves very well over the past many years and the proof of that is the quality weekly release we have been delivering for more than 100 weeks now.


We understand the transition to GST is going to be challenging for your business. Through this mail, I want to share with you the challenges ahead of Gofrugal and seek your cooperation and help in making this historic transition as smooth, simple and easy as possible for both you and Gofrugal

Let me start with a bit of a context.

On an average day, Gofrugal Assure Care delights 400 unique customers reaching us by phone call and we delight close to 1500 unique customers in a month. Thanks to your support and patronage, Gofrugal has 30000 plus happy customers and growing now and during the few days of GST transition we need to help all these 30000 customers transition to GST. This means Gofrugal Assure Care is expected to handle about 50 times our regular day load during the days of GST transition.

We know setting up the phone lines to call is not the solution as Gofrugal has to deploy 1000+ people on Assure Care to service all the customers through phone. Given that our Assure Care is only 40 member strong now, adding so many more people is neither feasible nor viable

I am proud that Gofrugal has prepared itself well to serve you through other channels and tools. Our plan is to engage with you through the Notifications delivered on your desktop and the myGoFrugal app. I request you all to make sure you start using the Windows Notification Service and the myGoFrugal App immediately.

Download myGoFrugal: Play store | App store

We will be sending you regular updates, guidelines, do it yourself videos and self-help tutorials as Notifications to your desktop and the myGoFrugal mobile app. This way, as we come across a best practice or questions or issue from a set of customers, we can create a video or a tutorial and share with you quickly. This will help us answer your questions even before you have those questions. This is the best way for us to serve you true to our name - Gofrugal

In addition to using Windows Notification service and myGoFrugal, please prepare yourself to follow the steps in the tutorials and videos and do things yourself. This will come in handy when we deliver guidelines and instructions to you. I would also like to take this opportunity to mention about the practice mode we have in most of our applications. Please use the practice mode to test run GST as soon as we make the GST update available


Finally, I request you to ensure that you always have the latest patch of Gofrugal at all times from now. This will help you update the subsequent releases faster and will help you become more and more agile and responsive in adopting the changes. As we all know, the challenging and uncertain transition ahead of us requires us to be fast

Each one of our customer is always very special to us. I am proud that we started our agile and digital journey 3 years back and all the tools & practices that we have built over these years are coming in handy to delight you during the GST transition. With your cooperation and help, I am very sure each one of us can have a delightful experience during the GST transition

I want to thank you in advance for your cooperation and wish you the best

Note: The next communication from us will be on 6th June, on the step by step process for GST transition

Kumar Vembu,
CEO - Gofrugal

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