How to get GST for your DE 5 software


July 1st will be a historic day in India with GST roll-out, and GOFRUGAL, an authorized GST Suvidha provider, is helping distribution businesses in GST transition

You must be eager in getting to know how you can get GST for your DE 5 software. We are concerned that you have not upgraded to DE 6 yet, considering software updates for DE 5 were discontinued in FY 2013-2014.

To get the GST product update, we request you to -

  • Upgrade to DE 6 software, last date to pay and upgrade is 15th June 2017
  • Help us in current financial year data migration FY 2017 - 2018, which will be facilitated by us
  • You should start using DE Trac accounting module to be GST Ready

Get your personalized quote and get on the right path to GST transition

During the VAT regime, in about 3350 days we had 3600 changes in VAT across India. GOFRUGAL was always quick in responding to these VAT changes and delivering them. We presume GST would also have many changes & inclusions on a regular basis and we are prepared with a clear plan for you. We will partner with you on the challenging GST transition. Let us not expect perfect one time transition to GST, but prepare ourselves to be agile. We at GOFRUGAL have prepared ourselves very well over the past many years and the proof of that is the quality weekly release we have been delivering for more than 100 weeks now

We understand the transition to GST is going to be challenging for your business. You can help us give you the best service by booking your order with us early. From today (6th June 2017) to 15th June 2017, we will get the new orders for DE 6, after which, we will not be able to service new orders since we will be helping fellow business like you in GST transition

Since the demand is expected to be high for GST transition, do Get your quote before 15th June 2017 by filling up the form given below Thanks for your cooperation in advance.

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