Better bonding from Assure Care with this NEW feature in Live Chat


Wishing you all a very happy Raksha Bandhan - a bond of care & protection

To start with, I suppose you all have experienced 'Raising a Support Ticket with a Voice message from our Chat'.We have added this feature so that it will help you also communicate your problem in a simple way just like how you do it over WhatsApp. Please experience it and our Assure Care team will be waiting to serve you

Over the past few weeks, we have received higher volume of requests for customization in Print design & re-installation, which, by the scope of service of ALR - Annual License Renewal is not included and are actually paid services. GOFRUGAL offers our Print design tool - EasyPrint tool along with all our on-premise products with which you are free to customize and design the print design as per your requirements, in addition to it we have also conducted more than 10 Online Training Webinars specifically on Print Design customization. We are proud that we have offered our customers all the tools possible to help themselves and nobody comes in between helping yourself. It is beyond this that when you still need GOFRUGAL Assure Care expert's help to design & customize the Print profile for you, the service is chargeable. This Policy was effective since Feb 2007 itself

Similarly is the case of re-installation and patch updation. Patch updation is now as simple as you update your mobile apps in your smartphone; more than 80% customers update GOFRUGAL product every week by themselves and re-installation can be done in simple steps yourself by following our self help videos and guidelines, wherein more than 90% customers do the re-installation themselves. So only beyond this, if your need GOFRUGAL Assure Care expert's help, it is chargeable. This Policy was effective since June 2014 itself

With things like patch updation & re-installation, although it was made simple & self-serviceable in one click, we still had customers reach out to our Assure Care team and ask our Assure Care team member to do the patch updation, re-installation or just keep monitoring the remote screen while they did it. This left our Assure Care team member stare at the screen for hours depending on the size of the update or the database, precious hours of Assure Care team members were wasted in being idle and blocking the phone line wherein we could have served 25 more customers who could be having emergency or priority support needs. We understood that the investment we made on making things simple and self-serviceable was not getting the right return since we went back doing the same things and not being able to serve more customers at the right time

We understood this problem and that is why Digital was the solution. With Live Chat and myGOFRUGAL - no customer had to do the waiting job, we could know what was priority, what needed immediate attention, what are self-serviceable tasks by customers, what are the repeated requests we can work on to solve and make it simpler and more answers to questions which could not have figured out with right data in such short time with support from Phone calls - thus providing a fair treatment to all our customers reaching out to Assure care at once. You can surely experience a WOW support experience with more things going digital, more videos & more self-service tools to come out, for which I request you to -

"Follow our guidelines, instructions and take ownership by taking the digital path with Live Chat & myGOFRUGAL to experience the WOW Assure Care"

    And, We promise -
  • The product becomes much more support free. Your need to reach our support will reduce significantly
  • You become good at helping yourself on problems that are related to your IT environment without depending on our support. This is real freedom as there is no dependency
  • In situations where you have to reach our support, you get much much better service

Today,I would like to repeat the scope of services which are part of ALR -Annual License Renewal paid by you. The scope of services has not changed much since Feb 2007, when we first launched Assure Care service. You can read them at our website here - Assure Care entitlements | Assure Care Terms & Conditions

We are doing as many things possible to provide you with all the tools, videos, online training and help materials to give you freedom from Assure Care team members, you can concentrate on business growth while we focus on providing you preventive maintenance and care. We are in last mile to provide you delightful Assure Care experience, request your cooperation for the same

Freedom & mutual respect is the key to a stronger bond. Once again, wish you a very happy Raksha Bandan

Kumar Vembu
CEO, GOFRUGAL Technologies
years of
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