Digital is the way to offer BEST possible help to you in the shortest time

Thanks for your response sharing your happiness with our support and also sharing references to other business that GOFRUGAL can help. Everyone at GOFRUGAL appreciate your gesture and this is a real motivation for us to strive harder to deliver the best experiences and partner in your growth.

I would like to share one of my surprising experiences 2 days back. I had a meeting with one of the Tirumala Tirupati Devesthanam (TTD) executive. During the meeting I was telling him about my experience of visiting Tirupati about 15+ years ago. We spent almost the entire day in the queue to have a darshan that time. He was telling me how easy and simple it is to have a darshan now. He asked me to download the mobile app Govinda from Google Play Store or App Store and just book darshan at the time of my choice based on availability. For the time we choose, the App shows the number of vacant spots available in the time slot and we can book it. He was also saying that I just have to be there 30 minutes before the darshan time and one can complete the darshan and come out within 90 minutes

One thing that he kept saying is, "please do not talk to anyone. they will mislead you", "please do not talk to anyone. they will confuse you". As he was telling me about the Govinda App and how to use it, he mentioned not to talk to anyone about 4-5 times

By going Digital, TTD is able to give better experience to all pilgrims not only in the temple but also with the entire trip, TTD is able to plan and manage pilgrims better and overall it is a win-win for all

As you all know, GOFRUGAL's decision to go digital for this GST update is not an easy decision. We made this decision with the complete knowledge and confidence that digital is the right way to offer best possible help to all customers in the shortest time. I am happy to share that our belief in our decision is strengthened by my experience with the TTD executive

To improve our quality of service, we have taken a couple of initiatives. I would like to explain them below and seek your cooperation

  • L1 Support team will chat with you in Live Chat providing solution to challenges/issues with tips, solutions & self-help videos so that you can do it yourself. The major reason for quality issue in our Assure Care service is that the L1 team members were taking remote connections of customer and spending longer than required time. Due to this, they are unable to attend other customers and it ends up as a poor experience for many. To prevent this, we have disabled remote connection and call back facility from the L1 team members so that they can focus 100% on offering customers the self help material required to address their needs
  • L2 Support team will handle all the call back and remote connection requests from L1. Depending on the pending requests with L2 team, the L1 team will offer the approximate time for the L2 team to serve you
  • L3 Emergency Care Support team, our emergency assure care member will handle all your emergency issues to you immediately. It is important we customers approach L2 with the issue so that L2 team identifies the emergency and assigns for immediate attention
  • L4 Development Support, Finally if there is any issue with the product, our development support team member will troubleshoot the issue and coordinate with the development team to get the issue resolved with service packs and maintenance releases

I am very confident we can offer much superior service experience to all our customers in the above model. With our Live Help, we have totally eliminated the telephone line busy or all agents busy problem. Whatever help you need from us, you are all able to reach us immediately in the first attempt itself. By following our L1, L2, Emergency Care and Development Support system strictly I am very confident GOFRUGAL is in the best position to deliver better services

As some of our customers feel that they can better explain the problem by talking than by typing, we plan to provide a voice chat option in Live Help shortly. When this becomes available, you can specify the assistance you need in a voice chat message. Our L1 team will respond to you with the help you need

As per our analysis, 88% reason for customers reaching out to our support are L1 and less than 1% each are emergency care and development support. About 10% require L2 support. By using our self help material and helping yourself, you can prepare and equip yourself to address those L1 issues yourself. This will save you lots of time and effort to simplify your business.

Our goal is to save lots of time and effort and simplify your business. We understand that as a business owner, you want to reduce your dependencies and focus more and more on your business. The Live Care and myGOFRUGAL initiative from GOFRUGAL is to empower you so that you have more time and energy to grow your business

Thanks again for your appreciations and references. We will surely live up to your trust and ensure that we equip your business with the best solution in the business

I Agree to take the digital journey with GOFRUGAL

Kumar Vembu
CEO, GOFRUGAL Technologies
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