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This festive season, save more with Digital: Enjoy 90 days extra validity on GOFRUGAL Products


Festive season is around the corner. It is time we worship knowledge and the tools in our life that will lead us ahead - DIGITAL

I understand GST has caused considerable anxiety about business. GOFRUGAL Assure Care working in digital mode over the last 3 months, to support you all during the GST upgrade has also added to the anxiety. My sincere thanks to each one of you for your cooperation and support during the GST upgrade.

"Now that GST has settled down, GOFRUGAL is getting ready to launch phone and remote support."

We want to take this opportunity to future proof both our customers business and also our business. So, I request you all to read this message and share your feedback

I want to start by giving context to the change happening around us, by sharing some information about the revolutions that are relevant to our business, and why the current digital revolution change is important. The industrial revolution started in England in 1760 and India started getting industrialized 60 years later. When green revolution started in Mexico driven by USA in 1940s, India started its own green revolution about 30 years later. The computer, internet and mobile revolutions reached India 20, 10 and 5 years later respectively

The digital revolution is taking us by storm now. It is happening all across the globe almost at the same time. This is the first time a change is impacting the whole world at the same time

To understand the opportunity presented by the digital revolution, we must understand the impact of the previous revolutions. Due to industrial revolution, India became a importer of textiles from the No. 1 exporter of textiles. India also ended up importing most of the plant and machinery required for industrial automation. With green revolution, India became an importer of fertilizers and pesticides. We all know we import the computers, the infrastructure required for internet and also the smart phones

Digital presents an unique opportunity to all of us. All of us are almost on the same start line now. Digital gives us an opportunity to shape and secure our future. GOFRUGAL wants to collaborate with you all to be the digital change agent for your business. This results in future proofing your business and also future proofing GOFRUGAL

It is in this context that we want to re-launch our telephone and remote support services earliest from around Oct. 7, 2017. I am proud to share our plan with you
  • Our Annual License Renewal will not include telephone and remote support
  • Customers can buy pre-paid telephone and remote support packages of 2 hours. 5 hours and 10 hours at Rs.1,500/-, Rs.3,000/- and Rs.5,000/- respectively
  • To encourage customers to go digital and to pass on the benefits of digital to customers, we are revising our ALR by about 15% downwards
  • Customers who have already renewed their ALR on or after July 1, 2017 will have the option of extended dates for digital service or get credit that they can redeem at the time of buying telephone plus remote support
  • All telephone and remote support will be metered and only the actual time spent in telephone and remote support will be deducted from their pre-paid account
"Our goal is to give a high quality product to customers that require very minimal support. Even when it needs support, we want to offer self help videos so that customers can help themselves"

Our Assure care team is always responsive to myGOFRUGAL tickets and on live chat. This way, customers can go digital and can enjoy lower total cost of ownership. I am proud that more than 50% of GOFRUGAL customers have already adopted availing services digitally. For those customers who want to take their time to go digital, we offer the pre-paid telephone and remote support packages. I am sure pricing the telephone and remote support explicitly will act as a catalyst and accelerate the customers journey towards digital

I am energized by the simplifications and automations that we have done with our solutions, especially in the last 2 months. I am very confident you are all experiencing and enjoying the superior quality of products from GOFRUGAL. With the changes in our Assure Care policy, packaging and pricing, you can surely expect your experience to improve a great deal with our solutions

Let's Go Digital to experience delight and enjoy increased profits

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