Introducing Chitti- GST helpchat


I am sure by now you are geared up for the GST transition as the roll out is confirmed on July 1st 2017. We are happy to see you updating to the product latest versions and starting your GST journey with Masters update. Last week all the basic transactions & print update was released & I am sure you have received the updates and notifications. To help you get acquainted to all the GST changes in your products, the release also has a "Practise mode" for you to experience GST while business is run in the VAT regime.

To help you for a faster GST transition, we have released Self help videos. Each video is only about 2-4 minutes and they give simple directions on how to accomplish what you have to. The videos are available in 3 languages - English, Hindi and Tamil. Please use the relevant videos from myGOFRUGAL playlist or from the GOFRUGAL Technologies channel in Youtube.

To make things easier, we have also released GOFRUGAL Chitti, the ChatBot, to help during the GST transition. As we informed earlier, GOFRUGAL 24x7 Assure Care will be switching to group service mode in which you will need to engage with GOFRUGAL only through Chitti. In the one-on-one service mode, we are servicing customers in the first come first served model.

To serve all customers in the one-on-one model during the GST transition, GOFRUGAL will require 1000-2000 people in its Assure Care. But GOFRUGAL only has 40 members in its Assure Care team and by combining all other resources we can manage less than 100 members for Assure Care to assist during the GST helpline.

Our plan is to switch to group mode where some of our Assure Care team members will be monitoring your conversations with Chitti so that we can identify high severity issues faced by customers and intervene. This will ensure that the more needy customers get the attention of Assure Care instead of first come first served.

Chat with Chitti

Finally to avoid hassles during the last minute use 5 Digital tools GOFRUGAL Chitti, myGOFRUGAL App & Product Push notifications in your computers, the videos in GOFRUGAL's youtube channel, Webinars and most importantly the practice mode in the product are all the tools you will need to help yourself during this GST transition. We request you to please familiarize yourselves with these tools and cooperate with us during this transition. We assure you we will all monitor your engagements with Chitti and do our best to intervene and make your transition as smooth as possible

My best wishes to you for a smooth transition and for increasing success and higher growth with Billing on GST.

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