"You can start GST implementation now" - CEO GOFRUGAL


The much awaited moment is here. I am delighted to share that our GST journey has begun. You must have already received the first GST patch update by now, kindly update your GOFRUGAL software to latest version

You can start your GST implementation now with video guidelines that are available in myGOFRUGAL app or our YouTube playlists here: RPOS7 | RPOS6.5 | DE6 | HQ

I know you must be concerned on sharing your GSTIN (GST Identification number) and collecting GSTIN of your business contacts - suppliers and customers. Not to worry, we have made this process simple and easy with our Share my GSTIN feature (Watch how to collect GSTIN of all business contacts in one click). This will save at least 80% of your time, eradicating duplicate & incorrect GSTINs. These are just a sample of how digital your GST transition can be and I am excited to share you that there is lot more to delight you in coming weeks

I thank the co-operation of many customers who have chosen to take the digital path, using myGOFRUGAL chat to reach our Assure Care and avoiding calls (In case you have missed, Download myGOFRUGAL: (myGOFRUGAL for Android | myGOFRUGAL for iPhone). There are more such tools we have planned to make your GST transition easier like a Dedicated 24x7 GST Helpline chat and Webinar sessions on GST training. It will help servicing many customers as a group and progress GST transition to all at a faster pace, instead of servicing individually. You can look forward to these in the coming weeks

And finally, you have been experiencing improved quality both in GOFRUGAL solutions and Assure care services. In order to have predictable service and sustainable business where GOFRUGAL can guarantee high quality product updates and assured services to you, GOFRUGAL has decided to make Annual License Renewal (ALR) mandatory to renew the software validity and extend it for a year. We know that we have to provide multiple software updates during the course of next year to support the changes in GST and we surely expect all customers to reciprocate the goodwill GOFRUGAL has demonstrated in making the GST update complimentary for ALR paying customers

Thank you and I wish you the best in GST transition and a much healthy and profitable business for you in the GST regime

"In case if you have missed my First update on GST transition, read here"

You will be receiving further updates on GST in myGOFRUGAL app, I insist you to download myGOFRUGAL app in your mobile

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