GST Returns Filing is next, get prepared with GOFRUGAL videos and digital help


Thanks a lot for your cooperation in reaching us through Live Help Chitti for support and also for raising issues through myGOFRUGAL App Tickets menu. I understand some of you were not happy with your support experience in the last 3 weeks and my apologies for the same. As the first wave of GST implementation and the resultant confusions in the GST is getting over, I believe the 2nd and 3rd waves related to GST is starting. We expect a large number of businesses to start implementing GST as the month of July ends and August begins. We also anticipate many business wanting to file their GST returns starting Aug. 10th.

As GST was implemented without clarity to many, we are still getting requests related to enhancing sales return, delivery challan, tax on free goods among other things. Also, most business started their operations without complete clarity on the HSN codes and GST rates. The first time return filing is going to be more support intensive than the GST rollout itself. Every business has to file the GSTR 3B self assessment return for July 2017 on or before Aug. 20, 2017. The GSTR 3B format is not yet released and as soon as it is released, GOFRUGAL will provide a report to help you get the data related to GSTR 3B. We will also be conducting the online training sessions and releasing the self help videos related to the same


In the meantime, we are also working on supporting the excel format of GST returns. We are also working on the development for GSTR 1, GSTR 2 and GSTR 3 report filing using the GSTN APIs to ensure that your report filing experience is simple and easy. Once GSTN rolls out the return filing and as soon as our testing for each one of those report filings are completed, we will be releasing the same along with self help videos, conducting the required online training

We will surely come back with the release schedules as soon as the required file formats, APIs and testing environments etc. are made available by GSTN and we complete the testing to our satisfaction. We plan to offer the excel report filing as a complimentary offering for all customers covered by ALR and will be sharing the cost of GST return filing using GOFRUGAL GST return filing App at the time of its launch

I know some of you want us to be restart our Assure Care phone number and are disappointed in accessing the service through Live Chat or raising issues through myGOFRUGAL. I want to reassure you all that we are doing support through Live Chat and myGOFRUGAL to serve customers the best. We believe we are able to serve 2 to 3 times the customers we would otherwise serve only because of the channels in which we support the customers today. I also believe we are preparing our customers the best in terms of preparing them for the future ahead of them

I want to explain it with an example of sharing my experience of getting our first landline phone in 1995 and the experience of buying a Jio connection. In 1995 we had the option of applying for the phone connection and waiting for 15 years or applying in Tatkal scheme and getting the phone within a month. I got my first landline phone in Tatkal by paying Rs.30,000/- in the Tatkal scheme and visiting telephone office about 10 times and spending few full days in the telephone office. When Jio was launched, just with the Aadhar card everyone was able to get the Jio SIM activated within few minutes. Also, we used to face issues in voice quality with our landline phone and we have to call and register a complaint. The lineman will show up after few days and we have to pay the lineman every time he attends and resolves a problem. When we use any of the mobile phone today, we have the freedom to choose the mobile phone we like and we can change the phone as we like


Same is happening with the Apps used by you in your mobile phone. You can download, use, update and delete apps at your will. You get trained on the Apps by exploring the App and by watching videos related to the Apps. With the push notifications, update manager, GST self help videos, practice mode, myGOFRUGAL app Tickets menu and Live Help, we want to make it easy for you to use our applications and app. This will mean that GOFRUGAL will deliver increasingly improved quality products that are easy to learn, simple to use and self serviceable. This is the journey we are undertaking by using this GST billing update as an opportunity. I am sure you understand that GST update is a forced environment change on GOFRUGAL and we are in no position to employ and train 1000s of people to face 3 months of high support volume. I request you to please continue using Live Chat and myGOFRUGAL and help yourself with the self help videos shared by our Assure Care team. This is the best preparation your business can do to prepare itself for the digital future


GOFRUGAL is committed to providing instant service and we are very confident once our digital service platform of Live Help, Self help videos, practice mode, Online training, myGOFRUGAL App tickets and push notifications are used by everyone, you will start enjoying instant service more and more. This will also give you many ideas on how you can adopt digital practices in your business. We are eager to engage with you in preparing your business for the digital age

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Look forward to your extended cooperation in ensuring GOFRUGAL is the change agent in making your business digital ready


Kumar Vembu

CEO, GOFRUGAL Technologies

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