Introducing GOFRUGAL GST HelpChat


We are very happy to know that you have started your GST Journey with our self help videos. Our new initiative of conducting Webinars is received very well and I request all of you to join the webinars to not only get your questions answered but also to learn from the presentations and the questions from all others attending the webinar

GOFRUGAL is surely experiencing more and more traffic to its 24x7 Assure Care center. We are preparing well to serve you better in group service with more digital tools. As we have to help all the customers we have acquired over the last 15+ years, it is important that you adopt digital tools at the earliest to avoid any service issues at the time of switching to GST

To help speed up your GST transition we are proud to launch the beta version of our helpline GST HelpChat. The helpline is a chatbot which understands your questions and provides the right answers helping you with do it yourself videos. The answers can help you address questions you have, on GST implementation for your business with our solutions & also with respect to our product support

We are confident that you will find simple instructions to get your needs addressed. Do not worry in case you are not able to get the right response. You can provide your feedback and confirm your query is satisfactorily answered and whether you were successful in completing the task. In case you need further help, our agents will review where you are struck and will provide you additional tips through myGOFRUGAL push notifications and updates to the GOFRUGAL GST HelpChat. Our Assure Care experts will ensure all your interactions with the ChatBot are monitored and the content in ChatBot are continuously updated to make your experience better and better

To enjoy this digital experience & make your GST transition smooth, please make sure you have enabled push notifications on all your Windows systems and also start using myGOFRUGAL App (Play store | App store). With GST Rollout confirmed on July 1 2017, the time is really short for you. Download and prepare yourself for further updates from us to make your GST transition a smooth one

We take this opportunity to assure that GOFRUGAL will do whatever it takes to make your business GST compliance as simple as possible. Thank you again for all the co-ordination and support we have received so far from you for a smoother GST billing Transition for both us

You will be receiving further updates on GST in myGOFRUGAL app, I insist you to download myGOFRUGAL app in your mobile

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