5315+ GOFRUGAL customers went GST LIVE on July 1st 2017,
Chitti is prepared to serve you


Wish you growth and success in your business with GST from everyone at GOFRUGAL

I would first like to apologize if we fall short of your expectations in our service during your GST transition. I know you are all going through lots of hardship in your business with the risk of losing money on the stock you have in hand. Most of you are also yet to get revised prices or tax rates from your suppliers. In this uncertain times, because your livelihood depends on the day to day business, you are in a hurry to serve your customers. Please remember that GOFRUGAL is sailing in the same boat as you. We are also trying to make sense of all the changes that are happening around us, trying to respond in the best possible manner to these changes. We are surely 100% committed to help each one of you. My only request is, please have some patience and try to follow every instructions coming from GOFRUGAL in the SMS, E-mails, myGOFRUGAL push notifications, Videos, Chat and most importantly by attending the GST Webinars that we conduct. You are surely making our job easier when you follow our instructions and report your experience as they are. As I had communicated earlier, please type your questions to Chitti, as Chitti can do 1000+ people work for us today and can help us help each other better.

I am happy to report to you that 5315+ of our customers in various business like pharma distribution, pharma retail, restaurants, bakery, garment, supermarket, toys and many other business have already started billing on GST just by attending our webinars, following our videos and with very minimal one-one help from us. We would love to hear your happy GST transition experience on our Facebook or Google reviews. This is very important to give the required belief and confidence to the fellow business persons like you. In these times of continuous and fast changes, only faith, belief and confidence can take us ahead towards our goals

The entire team GOFRUGAL has worked hard over the last 6 weeks to deliver all the GST updates to you on time. As we had to learn GST from the market and newspapers, we had to develop and rework on few things. Also, since there was a delay in manufacturers sharing the HSN code, GST rate, revised prices etc. there is lots of confusion in terms of what all tools we should provide to make your life simpler and easier

Everyone at GOFRUGAL is in GST support mode now. We have been working for the last 6 weeks without any break and we plan to continue the same for the next two. I know all this effort is not enough to service the entire demand for service from customers like you. The main reason is that even by doing this, we will still have only 4-5% team members we need to serve you all in the regular mode

Let us all remember that neither of us are responsible for this change and we have no choice on whether or when to change. GOFRUGAL has done everything in its power to offer best service to you in this historic change. We are committed to help you with the change and we have prepared ourselves very well to serve you in the best possible manner. While there will be hiccups with every tool that we use mainly because of the ever changing nature of the environment, our commitment, sense of purpose and determination to help you is only improving with time

Please cooperate with us by chatting with Chitti and following every instruction you receive in every single channel. That will surely make all our life smoother and easier in the current environment

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