Congratulations to all the customers who have got their systems in place for GST. We are really keen on helping all those who are still struggling to complete the upgrade to GST. I request you to please read this mail as it has very important information to help you upgrade to GST at the earliest and in a pleasant manner

I spent the last 3 days analysing more than 1000 customer engagements with GOFRUGAL's 5 tools to upgrade to GST. All the customers who got their system in place well in time for business on July 1, 2017 had one thing in common. They all prepared themselves well by participating in every step of the GST upgrade as per our communication to you all

  • Updating their patch to the latest version so that every subsequent updates can be done quickly
  • Following the step by step process in GST implementation
    • Chapter 1 - Master update
    • Chapter 2 - Practicing transactions and checking print profile
    • Chapter 3 - Upgrading to GST
  • Engaging with GOFRUGAL by participating in the Free Online Training sessions and by using Chitti, myGOFRUGAL app and Windows push notifications

As you all know, GST is not just, yet another patch update; wherein you update the patch and start doing business with GST. Every business requires preparation to implement GST and this preparation must be done by you with the help of your tax consultants. Please note that GOFRUGAL has invested heavily to prepare self help videos and conducting free online training to serve you well. While all of you confirm that you are getting SMS and emails about all GOFRUGAL initiatives, many of you are not showing up in the free online training to get your doubts clarified and issues addressed. Please review the free online training webinar calendar and participate to accelerate your GST upgrade journey. Also, tell us where you are currently in the GST journey with GOFRUGAL

GOFRUGAL is starting the day today with a backlog of 2500 customers to be helped. Most of these customers can help themselves with the information given to them by Chitti. Instead of following the instruction given like watching a video and doing things OR following the steps given in a procedure, customers move to their next question. I agree Chitti is not perfect yet. It does not respond sometime after asking you to wait and it does not respond at all sometimes. But as soon as you give your mobile number, Chitti does identify you, give you the current version you are in and give you the immediate next steps you need to follow. Please follow them. If you believe Chitti is there to help, Chitti does help you. In the 1000+ customer engagement I reviewed, I found that the first response Chitti gave was bang on in 90% cases. Customers ended up having poor experience only because the first instruction was not followed

I want to share with you that we served close to 4000 customers on July 1 and 2500 on July 2. On a typical day, our 24x7 Assure Care serves between 300-400 customers. Our team members served 700 customers on both these days by making outgoing calls. The outgoing calls made were twice the normal day load as most of our team members are working 12-15 hours every day. I am sharing with you so that you know we are working on a solid plan to serve to the best given our limited resources and by using the latest technology and tools. Your business also needs these technologies and tools in the coming days and GOFRUGAL will continue to be a pioneer in giving you the best in class tools to manage your business

As I had communicated earlier, Chitti is being monitored by our Assure Care team members. They are stepping in to help you and assist Chitti in serving you. From today, they will also identify themselves so that you know when you are served by Chitti and when you are served by one of our team members. We are also enhancing Chitti to ensure you will have a good experience with it

In addition to the above, our entire field team will be reaching out to 2000+ customers who had called our 24x7 Assure Care number but did not show up with Chitti. If only these customers had seen the SMS and / or email and have come to Chitti for helping themselves, GOFRUGAL need not do this work. This would have doubled our capacity to help customers

I know you are all in an urgency to upgrade to GST. I have a humble request to you. Please read the message you get and see how you can act on it. This will help serve you all the best because we will then have only customers who really need help to attend to. Please watch our videos (it takes just an hour) and attend free online training webinars relevant to you. Today more than 50% our time and energy is spent on bringing customers to Chitti or repeating the same message again and again

These steps by you will help us all help you much better

I also request you to please take our survey at

GST Rollout Feedback Survey

Your response to the survey will help us fine tune our plans and ensure that we get all of you upgraded to GST at the earliest

Assuring you of best services

Kumar Vembu
CEO, GOFRUGAL Technologies

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