Supply Chain Management

Plan and manage your purchases from central location or HO

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Efficient supply chain management is a pre-requisite for any retail chain. Gofrugal's solution supports powerful central purchase process which can be configured suiting the purchase policies of the organization. This allows the receipt of indents from stores & warehouse and consolidate into a single or multiple PO's.

Central Purchase

Key Features

  • Every supplier will have their own purchase day cycle and order planning is done based on that.
  • Track supplier performance.
  • Facilitates Purchase Order tracking.
  • Enables Goods Inward Note (GIN) tracking.
  • Availability of discrepancy reports (between PO and invoice, invoice and goods received), purchase/damage return reports and PO status based reports.
  • Supports multiple EAN code for the same item, multiple prices for the same item, goods receipt based tracking etc.
  • Automatic stock selection from warehouse (for the stores) can be set based on FIFO, LIFO, highest MRP first, etc. You can also generate non-moving inventory reports based on date of receipt.


Key Features

  • Provision for setting outlet wise reorder quantity, minimum & maximum stock level for all items.
  • Supports Replenishment based on the indent request received from the outlets.
  • Real-time inventory monitoring system at HQ facilitates effective replenishment by sensing the current stock positions at the outlets(Min-Max method, flow through method).
  • Replenishment module supports both franchisee and chain owned outlet model.