1. What is GOFRUGAL Head Quarter Edition and how does it help me?
GOFRUGAL Head Quarter (HQ) Edition is a software designed to manage a chain of shops. It  gives a way to manage the chain of shops from a centralized place, both outlet wise and as a consolidated view.

2. What are the basic requirements to use GOFRUGAL HQ Edition?
Suppose you have a chain of five shops to manage - you need to have the GOFRUGAL Retail Edition & GOFRUGAL NetTrade in all the five shops and the GOFRUGAL HQ in your Head Quarters. For more details on the Hardware, Software and the connectivity requirements please see the System Requirements page.

3. How do I manage my inventory using the GOFRUGAL HQ?
GOFRUGAL HQ tracks the inventory at each store and for the Custom. Detailed information on quantity in stock, reorder points and restock levels for each item at each store is visible at GOFRUGAL HQ. It promotes inventory balancing by managing stock transfers among stores.

4. What will be the communication cost ? If I am going to transfer huge DB files will my communications cost go up?
The cost depends on the database file size, which in -turn depends on the no. of transactions that happens in a shop. Our calculations show that the cost varies in the range of Rs 4 to Rs 10 per day. Please see the table below for details

MDB FILE SIZEHQD FILE SIZE FILE SIZE(KB) Content DIAL-UP TIME(sec) Transfer Rate Approx No Calls Approx Cost of Call(Rs)
28.3M1.71M1751.04Complete DB868.22KBPS510
10.9M0.33M337.92Complete DB2831.2KBPS24
28.3M0.58M598Bills-1000 Nos,
MRC-500 Nos,
PR-50 Nos,
SR - 50 Nos
13.4M0.35M356Complete DB1582.25KBPS12
13.4M0.04M43.2Daily (250 Bills, 200 MRCs & 25 SR)341.27KBPS12

5. Can I have the HQ installed in my home ? I would like to manage the shops from my home?
Yes. You can do it. Please see the implementation scenario page for the details.