Price Management

Fix or change selling prices of your products from HO

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With chain shops, the difficulty in fixing the prices goes up as we need to ensure uniform prices across all the stores. GOFRUGAL enables this through its central price management features that gives a lot of control and facilities in managing the selling prices.

Key Features

  • Supports Import / Export of price change for a number of items in a fast, simple & easy way. You can just export the selling price data into an excel file, change the prices, review it and import it back to the system.
  • Facilitates controls while changing selling price. This prevents price change mistakes. The system gives a warning message when the changed selling price is below landed cost, yields below expected gross margin or above MRP, when MRP is fed into the system.
  • Inventory category based selling price change, group based and inventory type based such as parent/child, bulk/repack, etc; supported as part of the selling price change. You can specify whether change in selling price of a parent item should reflect in the child item also, etc.
  • Price levels including price level formula for calculating various prices based on base price are available. Retail price can be set as the base price level in terms of which other prices such as institutional customer price level, wholesale customer price level, web price level, etc. are defined. Based on change in retail price level, all other price levels are computed and effected.
  • Facility to avail selling price discrepancy reports help identify same product with different selling price in different outlets.