Security and Operations

Powerful tools to manage the security and operations

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GOFRUGAL provides comprehensive security and operations management tools which ensures the maximum possible control over the operations.

Security and Audit

Key Features

  • Centralised Control of all the stores, roles & users.
  • Generate Audit report of all operations as per the audit configuration. All exception operations are always audited.
  • Generate security reports at the HO level such as item void, bill void, cash drawer opening / closing, auditing of price lookup, aborted bill attempts, etc.
  • Facilitates Encrypted data transfer - secure XML messaging for master data management, configuration, administration and retail business management between the head office module and retail POS.
  • Plutus integration for accepting credit card payments ensures superior security.

Operations Management

Key Features

  • Allows comprehensive data synchronization policy definition and management. The data synchronization policy for every outlet can be defined at the HO & managed.
  • Generate Data Synchronization / Outlet Backup Attempts Reports.
  • Give Data sync command from HO to any outlet to get the data sync done on demand, based on operations and business needs.
  • Availability of Multiple options such as central server upload/download, peer to peer upload / download even with dynamic IP address at all locations, etc.
  • Facilitates command to purge data at the outlet based on comprehensive filter criteria such as for a given date range, meeting a certain criteria based on product category, inventory type, supplier, etc.
  • Ability to approve patch / update / service pack releases and apply them automatically. The patch approval can be done for specific outlet(s), group of outlet(s) or for all outlets.
  • Set up Automatic alert to your IT operations staff and/or software vendor on critical failure such as data sync failure, detection of system date change, etc.
  • Facilitates Remote troubleshooting tools as part the solution at every level, making it possible to deliver support remotely.
  • Facilitates the use of dial-up, dynamic IP or static IP broadband connection for transfer of data. There is also provision for manual backup upload by bringing data in media like CD / pen drive.
  • Supports .CSV import interface for loading all masters from third party systems such as SAP, etc.
  • Supports Web services API & data dictionary for uploading POS data from GOFRUGAL HQ to third party systems such as SAP, JDA, etc.