Solution Highlights

Fully integrated and scalable POS
Integratable & Scalable POS

User-friendly POS with billing, auto posting to Accounts and Inventory. Integrable with varied POS accessoriers such as Barcode scanners, Weighing scale, Mobile apps. HQ enables multiple store synchronization, remote managing & system controlled process flows, etc.

Central purchasing and Warehousing
Central Purchasing & Warehousing

It is critical to ensure timely availability of products & optimize Sales to Inventory. Store to store transfer option enables liquidation of stocks, prevents sales loss due to stock unavailability. Reorder and replenishment template simplifies the indent-ordering flow.

Fool proof inventory management module
Foolproof Inventory Management

Inventory is mapped across outlets, warehouse and stock handling points. Inventory module is interfaced with Accounts module for online posting of inventory movements. This facilitates demand forecasting, traceability through batch & lots, replenishment and reorder level.

Masters across chain and synchronisation
Masters Across Chain & Synchronization

You can manage Master data at HQ and synchronise with store for changes. Option to create masters at outlets & pushing to HQ is available to suit decentralized business models. Smartly mapped masters aids quick master data creation & facilitates module integration.

Outlet level operating and financial reports
Outlet Operations & Financial Reports

Outlets mapped as a profit center and powerful dashboards aid the store in-charge to be accountable and produce results. Well structured reports help in getting visibility over key performance indices and take corrective measures in time.

Central Accounting, Financial and business consolidation
Consolidation of Accounts, Finance & Business

Auto posting of sales, stock receipts, collections and banking gets captured instantly making accounting simple and fast. Consolidation of accounts helps error free & timely compliance with statutory requirements. Budgets Vs Actuals & key financial ratios triggers bottlenecks to correct and strengths to leverage.

Garment inventory efficiently
Faster Migration & New Outlets Replication

There are handy tools to help faster migration of Masters, Opening stock quantity, Opening balances, etc. It is also easier to add new outlets through store replication templates. This ensures consistency and unique process at all the outlets.

Faster Migration and new outlets replication
Business Health Monitor

It provides insightful information on key value generating metrics. This can be utilized by owners and managers. Outlet data is periodically updated to have real time information for taking timely actions & to plan/direct operations, ensuring profitable conduction of business.

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