Procurement & Supply Chain

Integrating Inward and Outward Goods movement

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This module helps you handle procurement and supply chain process by providing an interface that seamlessly integrates your inward and outward goods movement


Key Features

  • Automate reorder process based on parameters such as current stock, re-order level, indent received from stores, etc.
  • Optimize your inventory level from each supplier through data dynamics such as previous purchase history, product turnaround time, etc.
  • Exercise control over each Purchase Order and Goods Inwards Note, with relevant checks to manage excess or short supply
  • Supports for Cash, Credit, Replacement and Consignment purchase types
  • Easy conversion of PO, GIN, Receipt note to purchase
  • Extend Purchase Invoice life support – keep 'unverified' purchase invoices on hold till the discrepancies are solved
  • Dynamically adjust damages and returns at the time of purchase entry
  • Enrich your purchase order with user defined calculations such as discount, tax, freight charge, coolie, etc. for posting the 'accurate' amount to the ledger