Migration involves exporting all the master data from the previous software and importing the same into GOFRUGAL software. It applies to all the software solutions that are found in the application path. For this, the customer is expected to give us all the data as per our predefined "Excel" template. The customer can do the migration themselves but, in case the customer wants our consultant to do the same, then charge will be levied as per our policy Training Price List. Training Price List

Migration can be done with below parameters
  • All masters in details
  • Only Item master [Quick migration]
  • With or Without stock
  • With or Without outstanding
  • Bill wise outstanding [summary data alone]

Checklist for customers to verify migration
  • Master verification to make sure all required attributes and price are migrated correctly
  • Stock verification : batchwise, stock value, stock worth, etc. with the closing stock report   from old software
  • Ledger balances and the closing balance values
  • Verify count of values in master migrated with old software values
  • Whatever else that is in migration scope

*Note: When we migrate, verifying the migrated data and giving approval to use the migrated data is the responsibility of customer. GOFRUGAL will make best efforts to deliver the migration tool but customer must make sure that the migration tool works to his expectation and approves the final migration using the tool. GOFRUGAL cannot take responsibility for any issues that arise because of the migration tool

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