Secured user access

User access for users mapped to "Steward" role

Running Orders

Switch between different
guest in a touch

Watch table wise order summary, order
duration, invoke KOT, initiate Billing
and more..

Running Orders

Attend to the table handled
by another steward

Take new order for the table mapped
to another steward

New Order

Choose a table and
start taking KOT's

Mention number of guests seated and waiter
servicing the table


Categories as in your
Menu Card

List of categories as created in GOFRUGAL
F&B POS solution in line to your
Restaurant's Menu Card!

Order Taking

One tap to select Item &
add quantity

Tap or just swipe to increase the quantity

Item search

Search an item at your ease

Search an item by typing a part of the item name or description or code or ingredients

Share the portion

Share the portion

Change the Portion / Share as per guest preference

Item instructions

Choose from a list of predefined item remarks

Type the instructions as per guest preference or
by selecting from a predefined list

Know more..

Want to know what's added
in a dish

Tap on Info to know the Product Description
and Ingredients

Order priority

Take the order once
with item priority

Serve your guests based on their
order of serve

Custom search

Search for <having>,
<having not>

Try a search like "!garl" and filter the dishes
that are made WITHOUT Garlic!

KOT preview

Repeat the order to your guest

Confirm the order before sending to Kitchen,
add Kitchen Note if any say, "Less Oily" and
choose the type Dine In / Take Away

Order preview

Browse all KOTs made for
a guest

See all the KOTs made for a Table / Guest.
Browse through the items and
Tap on "Check" to confirm for Billing


Convert the KOT's for settlement with a touch

Settle your guests bills with by tapping "Save"

Manage orders

Merge orders, Split orders & Split tables too one or more customer orders

Merge or split entire order or by selecting
table in a touch

More options...

Sync Menu's in your app

Use "Sync menu" to update the app with
changes in POS server