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First cloud based SMS service for Retailers & Distributors - GoAlerts

Need an expert SMS provider to send SMS without hassles from your very own Point of Sale

Chennai, India, October 16, 2013 - SMS has been a favorite among people at large. Customers read SMS more often than emails. This being the case, why should retailers not use it to maximize their business operations and improve their customer relations. Above all, SMS can provide optimum results.


GOFRUGAL Technologies was keen to tap into this oppurtunity and thus was born GoAlerts - a SaaS based SMS service for the demanding retail environment. GoAlerts is now available as an 'Add-on' feature for its customers. This "pay as you go" service is just too easy to use. You would just need to sign-up and start using it. This can be used by both single store and chain store retailers.


Santhana Gopalan R, Director, GOFRUGAL Technologies, says, "Retailers need a reliable platform to push real-time news, information and promotional offers to stakeholders. GoAlerts expands retailers options not only in terms of flexibility, functionality, security but also gives control of business in their hands. The service is scalable, cost effective, and reduces support and customer calls. We want to add value with every service GOFRUGAL launches for its customers."


With this launch, GOFRUGAL's customers will benefit by using a Cloud model where they can pick and choose SMS plans, sign-up and start using it. Just plug and play. There is no need to install or download any software solution. The features have been tried and tested rigorously for


unmatched delivery standards. Some of the penultimate benefits that GOFRUGAL customers will reap from GoAlerts is:

  • Scheduling CRM & promotions to customers on offers, new arrivals to help drive repeat purchases
  • Periodic Business Update of sales, purchase, stock, gross margin and exception report can be reviewed anywhere and anytime by the Retailer
  • Increased Service Levels with stock-out / low stock Alerts to help in quick purchase and replenishment
  • Dead stock alerts help manage increased inventory turn-over


GoAlerts comes with numerous customer-focused and retailer-friendly features such as sending Welcome Greetings, Bill Details to customers, get Alerts for Stock status, Security lapses, Daily sales & purchase summary status, as well as info on Loyalty programs etc. The service also supports 60 different types of events for which the retailer can schedule SMS alerts and Email.


To get more information about GoAlerts //www.gofrugal.com/alert/alerts


About GOFRUGAL Technologies


GOFRUGAL Technologies is recognized as the sole provider of end-to-end business automation solutions for Retail and Supply Chain business. It is headquartered in Chennai and has a pan India presence. GOFRUGAL integrates cloud computing, Web 2.0 and Mobile technologies to address complete business management needs of independent and chain retailers. It's POS solutions facilitate collaboration and automation among the entire trade and supply chain ecosystem.


GOFRUGAL has always been the first one to introduce new technology based solutions such as NetTrade, WebOrder and TruePOS in the Indian Retail and Distribution space. NetTrade is a preferred tool for electronic data interchange among the retailers and distributors. WebOrder is a web application for online order-taking. TruePOS is a cloud based retail point of sale software which is fast gaining foothold in International markets.


GOFRUGAL Technologies has been honored and appreciated by various retail and industrial bodies for its achievements and excellence in introducing new and user-friendly solutions. It has won the Franchise India Awards 2009 in the Best Retailer Suppliers category. In 2008, Franchise India recognized GOFRUGAL for its excellence in Innovation & Technology. For more information on GOFRUGAL Technologies, please visit www.gofrugal.com or call +91 44 66 200 200.


Media Contact

Shriram Sivaramkrishnan
Product Marketing Manager
GOFRUGAL Technologies Pvt. Ltd
SreeNarayana Complex,
No:11, SarathyNagar,
VijayaNagar, Velachery,
Chennai : 600 042.

Phone: +91 44 4223 7800 / +91 44 66 200 200
Email: shriram.s@gofrugal.com