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GOFRUGAL launches India's First Mobile App for Sales & Distribution Business

Chennai, India, March 13, 2013

EarnSmart will change the way your Distribution Business Functions

Distribution business in India is still unorganized. Some distributors are getting themselves computerized which take care of their mundane tasks such as record keeping. Generally, a distributor has a profit margin of 10 to 12 crore rupees. But they can do much more than that if they take care of problems such as out-of-stock, employee theft, etc. Keeping in toe with the demands of present day workforce in the Sales & Distribution business, GOFRUGAL has worked on a solution that will enable its customers stay ahead in their business with a simple and easy to use Mobile App. GOFRUGAL has always been a pioneer in introducing solutions for the next-gen and once again, it is in the forefront by introducing a mobile app for the distribution business named EarnSmart.

Kumar Vembu, Founder & CEO, GOFRUGAL said,"We understand re-distribution businesses operates on wafer thin margin. Distributors are always struggling to keep their margins due to escalating costs, customers demanding for higher discounts and highly competitive markets. Computerization gave the re-distributors a new lease of life by improving productivity. Mobility is giving them the much-needed competitive edge in today's highly demanding market conditions. We are excited to launch the EarnSmart Mobile application for the next generation re-distribution business".

Adding to it further, he says,"EarnSmart will improve efficiency, enhance customer delight and increase earnings of the sales rep and business owner. Today's distribution business is 100% computerized. Tomorrow's distribution business must be 100% mobile enabled. Be early - reap your rewards".

EarnSmart comes with a set of unique features that would make real-time updates of orders, collections and inventory available on your mobile device. Flow of information in real-time empower field sales, reduce mistakes and double entries are some tangible benefits of this All-in-one Mobile app. One of the best user-friendly applications ever created for all the Sales and Distribution businesses.

Mr. Srinivasan of JK Pharma, customer of GOFRUGAL used the mobile app on the field. He summarizes the experience; "While taking the orders, informing about stock availability on the spot itself is of great value to retailers. Even, telling the retailer's about stock unavailability will improve Retailer's confidence in our Distribution Business and would reflect in increased sales. EarnSmart is a tool that already makes us feel safe and in control of the business".

Raajesh, Product Manager, GOFRUGAL says,"EarnSmart has a direct and positive impact on improving the service levels of both Distributors and their B2B customers. It won't be a surprise, if a sales rep bags 20% more incentive or the Distribution Business makes 30% more just by using EarnSmart".

To get more information about EarnSmart Mobile app, please visit //www.gofrugal.com/mobile/earnsmart


GOFRUGAL is recognized as the sole provider of end-to-end business automation solutions for Retail, Distribution and Supply Chain business. It is headquartered in Chennai and has a pan India presence. GOFRUGAL integrates cloud computing, Web 2.0 and Mobile technologies to address complete business management needs of independent and chain retailers. It's POS solutions facilitate collaboration and automation among the entire trade and supply chain ecosystem.

GOFRUGAL has always been the first one to introduce new technology based solutions such as NetTrade, WebOrder and TruePOS in the Indian Retail and Distribution space. NetTrade is a preferred tool for electronic data interchange among the retailers and distributors. WebOrder is a web application for online order-taking. TruePOS is a cloud based retail point of sale software which is fast gaining foothold in International markets.

GOFRUGAL Technologies has been honored and appreciated by various retail and industrial bodies for its achievements and excellence in introducing new and user-friendly solutions. It has won the Franchise India Awards 2009 in the Best Retailer Suppliers category. In 2008, Franchise India recognized GOFRUGAL for its excellence in Innovation & Technology. For more information on GOFRUGAL, please visit www.gofrugal.com or call +91 44 66 200 200.

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