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Kumar Vembu - Founder and CEO


I am happy to share with you all, a new beginning that GOFRUGAL is making today. We launched Project Delight - a project aimed at delivering customer delight.

All businesses start with the mantra of customers first and they surely have customer at the center of whatever they do. GOFRUGAL is no exception. I started on the journey of GOFRUGAL in 2004 with the objective of delighting customers by delivering the benefit of integrating computing, internet and mobile to their business. As we expanded our solution offerings, market presence and customer base, despite our best intentions and efforts, there was a drift. I realized about a year back that we were falling short in delivering delight to our customers and it was not a proud feeling.

In July 2013 we decided to pause and understand where we are going wrong. The first feeling was that we have well defined processes, good systems that implement the process, skilled team of managers to monitor and manage the deliverable and above all a highly engaged and a committed team to deliver. I was surely in denial before acceptance. Once we re-iterated our commitment to delight customers and put customers first in what we do, slowly but gradually we were able to see the deficiencies in our processes, gaps in our systems, oversights in our monitoring and a way to improve and enhance customer experience.

We started addressing each one of those issues, one step at a time. We thought it is a simple project that will take 3 months. As we discussed, reviewed and questioned ourselves again and again, as we analyzed every failure that came our way, we were pulled deeper into the project. After almost a year, we are happy to release Project Delight.

Project Delight is not an end, it is a new beginning. A new beginning where GOFRUGAL, can be much more engaged with every prospect during their evaluation and offer them the best assistance in their evaluation. It is a new beginning where GOFRUGAL, as your IT solution provider in your business customers get to enjoy the power of GOFRUGAL solutions from a desktop computer within their store and access the reports from a browser when they are away. We are also planning to offer WhatsNow, a mobile App, to help business owners stay connected with their business.

Project Delight opens up a whole new world of possibilities for GOFRUGAL to enhance the value we offer through our products, enable more responsive support in our services and be a better partner in helping our customers realize their business goals because of our solutions.

Please share your experiences with us, when we fall short of your expectations. I request you to refer GOFRUGAL solutions to your friends in business.


GOFRUGAL Assure is just not the best but legendary,
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In the competitive world where good service is good business, offering multi-channel assured customer support 24x7 is very important. Customers today need the flexibility to reach out on different channels like phone, e-mail, social media, live chat, knowledge base, help guides etc. With the various channels available to the customer to get their issues solved the expectation of the customers just gets bigger, this makes the service aspect an integral part of any business.

Find out what few of customers have to say about our Assure Service

Mr. Jacob John

The support service of GOFRUGAL, helped me get my requirements resolved immediately and made me focus my energies on business. I am currently planning to open 3 more stores and expand my business.... possible because of GOFRUGAL

Owner of Aswathy Mart
Kochin, used email and phone to reach out to us..

I not only got my needs resolved by 48 hours, but also had an area commercial manager calling me to check if needs are addressed, this has
boosted my confidence to expand by
business and grow

Mr. Devraj Patel

Owner of Aayushi Supermarket Mumbai, reached out on Facebook.

Mr. Saravanan

I was glad to see my issues & needs resolved within 5 minutes of me raising my complaint. This increases my confidence in GOFRUGAL assure services. Every time we called support, we end up using the product in depth

Owner of Sri Saravana Medical Chennai, had an issue with his scheduled register printing issue. This is what he had to say

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