Understand the pulse of Emerging, Independent Retailer

Retail in India has historically been a market dominated by "kiraanas". Organized modern retail has been viewed as the "tip of the ice-burg", contributing to about 8% of total Retail activity. Further, India's consumption story remains intact, the last four years of consolidation have helped retailers rationalize costs, streamline supply chain and adopt technology at a rapid pace. The sector is now perceived as being on the 'cusp' of the next phase of growth. These family owned or first generation entrepreneurs have upgraded and modernized their stores and entered retail as first-time entrepreneurs.

In this context, the Retailers Association of India (RAI) is partnering with GOFRUGAL to understand the pulse of the Emerging, Independent Retailer. They indeed form the backbone of Indian Retail ? research by Hindustan Unilever suggests that 40% of retail stores in the company are 'emerging' retailers ? single stores or chains, owned by entrepreneurs and focused on modern-trade principles of customer service, profitability and inventory management.

We intend to compile the perspective of a cross-section of Owners and CEO's on their view of the sector as well as their aspirations for their business on People, Process and Technology. The survey will look at the overall direction for business, key objectives for the next 2 to 5 years as well as key challenges and constraints.

Find in the report capturing the current 'state of play of this segment of independent / emerging retailers in South India... Check out insights from the survey.

GOFRUGAL-RAI study has received coverage with Hindu Business Line Newspaper

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