RAI and GOFRUGAL is honored to welcome you to attend the Gujarat Retail Summit 2014

Building Brands, Achieving Growth

According to a study by National Council of Applied Economic Research and Future Capital Research, in 2008, Gujarat was more prosperous than 90 per cent of the country. In fact, according to a more recent study by Assocham, the state has recorded the highest trend growth rate of 8.2% of per capita income (PCI) during 2004-2013 amid high income states.

The state recorded a median value of 12.02% of nominal gross domestic product (GDP) between FY 2006 and FY 2012, while the national median value of nominal GDP remained at 8.37%. Naturally, this makes it an ideal market for retail. The world-class infrastructure, stable governance and business-friendly policies crank up its retail attractiveness several notches.

The inaugural edition of Gujarat Retail Summit will attempt to answer this question along with many others. Brand gurus, retail experts, national and local retailers, will convene to deliberate on leveraging the power of branding through learning local dynamics and developing market insights to establish leadership position in the state, which has business in its DNA and prosperity at its heart.

Find in the report capturing the current 'state of play of this segment of independent / emerging retailers in West India... Check out insights from the survey.