GOFRUGAL & RAI are currently working on a qualitative publication on the 'current state' of play of Independent retail. The objective of the study is to create a platform for ongoing interchange and dialogue with Independent retailers and to record and track their perceptions about the business environment, key concerns and challenges. The study focuses on series of qualitative & structured interviews with the retail CEO's and owners. Between June and September 2014, 85 independent retail chains across 3 regions/12 cities have been interviewed and data has been collated in three part series Chennai, Delhi and Gujarat respectively.

Why Retail Leadership Summit important for you ?

The Retail Leadership Summit is India's largest gathering of retailers and retail service providers. Retail Leadership Summit event provides opportunity to learn on latest trends in retail today, powerful presentations by thought leaders in Retail industry, panel discussions, showcase of products & services to improve business productivity and most importantly an opportunity to network with retailers, suppliers and franchisors/franchisees.

Retrospect - Retail Leadership Summit 2015
Transformation in retail for last one and half decades is phenomenal, one of the fastest growing markets and it is just the tip of the iceberg. Given this accelerating rate of change, are you ready to stay relevant today and into the next decade ? The future will belong to those agile retailers who are willing to transform.
Reinvent - Retail Leadership Summit 2015
Retail for the future depends on high performing business that uses technology helping them strengthen their relationship with customers, leverage on their data, make shopping friendly, secured & easier. Smart Phones have enabled customers to get control of their shopping experiences. This has opened doors to competition which wasnt there few years back. Define the next steps that retailers should take to capitalize the trends.
Rewrite- Retail Leadership Summit 2015
Every retailers is at a different point in his journey to realize his dream, capitalizing on trends with technology. He knows his rules of the game and is new emerging winner 2020.

Media Coverage

Retail software success story 2015 - coverage in hindu news paper
Hindu Business Line - News Paper
There are the big and the mighty chains, and there are the mom-and pop stores. And there are the emerging, independent retailers, from a motley mass formed by businesses in various industries, including textiles, food and apparel. more >>
A Retailer's Journey 2015 - coverage in times of India newspaper
Times Of India - News Paper
The report 'A Retailer's Journey:
Aspirations & Road Map of Independent Retailer' captures the current state of play of independent/emerging retailers in Chennai, Delhi region and Surat. It was structured as a seriew of ....... more >>


Three part report series, interviewed and collated views of 85 Independent chains across Chennai, Delhi & Surat

Survey of South India Retailers Insights - Chennai
Initial Insights
South India
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Survey of North India Retailers Insights - Delhi
Initial Insights - Part ||
North India
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Survey of West India Retailers Insights - Gujarat
Initial Insights - Part |||
West India
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