March 02, 2022

You protect your Data when you love your business!


It is nice to be back in your inbox again with something new that will make you smile and think. Valentine's Day had taken over everyone's space for the past few weeks. Everything felt full of love, right?

But we were shocked to see how businesses ignored one important aspect that they all love. It's your DATA. Recall how much you love your Data. Let's talk about it!

Though data loss is very common now, business owners seldom realize the impact unless hit by one. Financial loss is only a part of it. But you will lose everything that you have built so far - reports, accounting data, pricing, customer data, tax filing data and more. Just imagine the horror! You cannot retrieve it without a ransom.

Major businesses such as Haldiram, Mithyaas, and even the Tamil Nadu government were hit by Ransomware. Okay! Everyone knows them. You might argue that 'No one knows me yet. Why would it happen to me?'Read the next story, and you will know. 

One of our Enterprise customers recently faced a huge data loss involving important transactions and customer outstanding. He had to shut his store for 5 days and lost sales worth of crores again. But we helped him retrieve the data with some help. Want to know how? Read till the end!

Still think your Data is safe? 

It might be tough to understand where to get started. We get it! Here are five simple best practices for getting started with Data Protection right away.

  • Educate your employees: Create awareness on not to open un-verified links, be it email or even SMS, and avoid weak passwords—or derivatives of the same password. 
  • Control data access: Restrict employee access to only the files, functionalities, and systems they need to do their jobs. 
  • Consistent system updates: Constantly update your software to avoid attackers exploiting known vulnerabilities in older software, OS and antivirus versions. 
  • Backup is not a choice anymore: If you are not already using real time cloud-based data backup, start using one now. With GoSecure, real time data backup to Cloud happens every 3 minutes. And you can also restore data within 60 minutes of the Data Loss incident. Want to know more? Read till the end! 
  • Regular penetration testing: Ensure the software products you use undergo frequent penetration testing.

GoSecure to your rescue!

It's heartbreaking to see businesses losing data they built with years of effort. That's why GoSecure ensures you never lose it. GoSecure from Gofrugal is a real-time Backup as a service (BaaS) that provides automatic data backup and recovery. 

Circling back to the data loss story. Our team, with consistent efforts, retrieved the partial data. It did take us 3-4 days. But, with GoSecure, it would have been just 60 minutes to retrieve it. That's the difference! 

GoSecure offers, 

  • Automated backup: Data backup to Cloud happens every 3 minutes 
  • One-click restoration: Restore data within 60 minutes of the Data Loss incident
  • Safe guard from data-theft: GoSecure’s PrivateKeyoffers advanced security to your data with unique passwords to log in and OTP verification for a password reset

Bottom line - Data is your asset. Protect it.

Customer of the month

Raja Shop Inn - The King of Inventory!

Have you seen a relay? Every person's effort counts. But the game can change with one person's thinking and execution. It's the same for businesses thriving through different generations. Raja Shop Inn's Murugan is that game-changer. When he took the baton from his father in 2006, he knew he wanted to make a difference by quality execution. The result is evident now - Raja Shop Inn supermarket has truly become a front runner in Chennai in terms of inventory quality. 

However, what made Murugan the king of Inventory? His readiness towards the adoption of Digital solutions. He firmly believes that Purchase needs to happen only based on customer preference and not supplier's interest. This decision helped him adopt an AI-based reordering solution called "The EYE," which is seamlessly integrated into his ERP solution. Today, most of Raja shop Inn's purchases are in autopilot mode. Not just that, he is one among the few supermarkets in the industry to maintain a unit-wise barcode for all the products. Perfect inventory control lets him track every piece, and even a pin is not out of sight. 

But how did the king of Inventory turn out to be the favorite of customers? With the help of advanced AI solutions, he identifies customer buying patterns, stays ahead to meet the consumers' expectations, and becomes the first one to stock all the new product launches in the market. 

Gofrugal is happy to be part of Mr.Murgan's journey for more than 11 years now. Being an early adopter of Digital Tech, Murugan enforces every business to adopt Digital solutions for long-term, sustainable business development. It's our pride when he calls us 'A must-have Digital solution package for Supermarkets.'

Let your story be an inspiration to many - Share with us!

In our next edition, look out for interesting articles and announcements related to your industry.


Keerthana Selvakumar

Business Growth Specialist

Gofrugal Technologies

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