January 27, 2022


Welcome to Gofrugal Gazette. We have made it to 2022 and it only gets better from here. As we sail through January with countless hopes and desires, let's see how to make Digital Technology your fighting force to overcome the pirates in your business.

We present to you 8 important articles on digital technology that will help you succeed in 2022!


1) Wake up to Digital Adoption before it's too late

Still, thinking about why digital technology is mentioned in everything you see and hear? We have the right thing for you to learn everything about going digital and why it is the need of the hour. Check out our latest blog inspired by our CEO Kumar Vembu's speech and kickstart your digital tech journey in no time.


2) Get to know top 7 GST changes from 1st January 2022

Every year in India, we receive significant amendments at the commencement of a new financial year. But this January, we received many new amendments that came into force from 1st January 2022. Check out this blog and get quick insights into the recent GST amendments.


Introducing Gofrugal's podcast to share exciting success stories from your industry. Listen to Harish Closepet, 

Co-founder & CEO: Itsy Bitsy Art & Craft stores sharing his strategies of how he empowered 3000+ rural women, artisans, offering the best creative experience.

4) Top 5 Retail Tech trends to learn in 2022

2021 saw good disruptions in Retail, with businesses optimizing their inventory and supply chain to ensure immediate fulfillment. Digital brings in opportunities to get new customers, repeat purchases with existing ones. Check out this blog to learn the five trends that can accelerate your growth in 2022.


5) Top 5 Restaurant Tech Trends in 2022 to enjoy delicious success!

As restaurants continue to face pandemic-induced challenges like online ordering, delivery, demand, or supply chain stability, they are one of the fastest evolved industries. Check out our blog that talks about five ways restaurants can innovate to gain a competitive edge.


6) Customer of the month - Thayagam shopping mall, Mayavaram

When Arjun decided to adopt digital technology to scale up and open a new shop in Mayavaram, without hesitation, his first choice for an automation software was Gofrugal. His decision to automate business operations in the early phase of business setup led to his success. With his clear vision for business growth, installation of OrderEasy application, and a dedicated team's support, Arjun is creating delightful shopping experiences for residents of Mayavaram. Just like Arjun, share your success story with us!


7) A Retailer Guide to Quick Commerce

Welcome to Q-commerce – the next dimension of e-commerce. In the way of speaking, Q-commerce is e-commerce that’s arrived quicker. Learn what is Quick Commerce, how the Q-commerce business model is turning out to be a great advantage for retailers, and conquer the consumer pace in 2022.


8) Smart strategies for your business during the pandemic outbreak

We are no doctors. We are no warriors. But we are here to help you win the fight against the third wave of the pandemic. How, you ask? Read on to know about the actions we are taking and the resources we are sharing to help you get through this challenging time.

Know how Gofrugal's Omnichannel order management suite will keep your customers happy. Get more orders, pick more orders and deliver more orders effortlessly with our Omnichannel combo.


Bringing to you interesting articles and announcements related to your industry in our next edition. 

Stay tuned!

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Keerthana Selvakumar

Business Growth Specialist

Gofrugal Technologies


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