The tool enables secure electronic trade and data interchange between - Retail outlet and its suppliers

B2B business benefits

Key Benefits

  • Billing based on retailer POS
    Elimination of data entry leads to increased billing efficiency..
  • Advance Ship Notification
    Retailers know what will be delivered..
  • Reduces operating costs considerably..
  • Streamlined Business Processes
    Since information is available in real-time, Customer response is increased, and you have the ability to respond to the market fluctuations almost instantaneously
  • Better Planning on Delivery
    Due to instant order taking, delivery can be planned better to reduce operating costs which results in cost effective shipment of goods
  • Higher order accuracy from booking to delivery for higher Customer satisfaction at reduced cost
  • Real time monitoring and management instead of discreet management

  • Effective Inventory Management
    - Transition from Buy-Hold-Sell to Sell-Source-Ship
    - Quick response to any immediate changes in market demand
    - Turnaround time from order to delivery is reduced
  • Competitive Advantage
    If you are able to receive point of sales data and keep the shelves full of your product on a timely basis at the same time saving transaction costs for your Customer, you have a competitive advantage and an entrenched relationship
  • Electronic Software Updates
    GOFRUGAL can update RayMedi electronically. This allows you to benefit from latest developments
  • Remote Monitoring and Management
    Increased responsiveness and quick problem resolution in a more cost effective manner
  • Accurate response on stock availability and pricing