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RayMedi NetTrade is a complete business process automation tool that enables secure electronic trade and data interchange among trade partners, Customers and peer groups. RayMedi NetTrade facilitates easy uploading of all transactions such as purchase, sales, FA etc., without any data entry and associated manual errors. RayMedi NetTrade frees you up from mundane operation details and allows you to manage your business better. It allows to you to do efficient purchases, have good Customer relationship management and improve your ROI.

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 SupplierCustomerBranchHead OfficeDistribution Center / Ware House
Chain Retail Outlettickticktickticktick
Features B2BB2HEnterprise
EDI with suppliers
ticknet tradetick
EDI with business Customersticknet tradetick
EDI with peer trade groupticknet tradetick
EDI with HOnet tradeticktick
Periodic data upload to HOnet tradeticktick
EDI with branchesnet tradeticktick
Real-time transaction update at HO with local DB for offline billingnet tradeticktick
Data consolidation at HQnet tradeticktick
 Product Edition
Advance Ship Notificationticknet tradetick
Available listticknet tradetick
Batch Recall Notificationticknet tradetick
Branch details
Credit Noteticknet tradetick
Debit Noteticknet tradetick
Delivery Chalanticknet tradetick
Discrepancy Acknowledgetickticktick
Expiry Returntickticktick
Indent List HQNet tradeticktick
Sales Order Approvalnet tradeticktick
Indent Listtickticktick
Invoiceticknet tradetick
Invoice Acknowledgement / Discrepancytickticktick
Item Manager Listtickticktick
New Item Notificationtickticktick
New Item Requesttickticktick
Offer Notificationtickticktick
Payment Notetickticktick
Payment Acknowledgement / Discrepancytickticktick
Product EOL Notificationtickticktick
Purchase Ordertickticktick
Purchase Returntickticktick
Sales Return Notificationtickticktick
Stock Transfer Cancellation
Stock Transfer Out
Stock Transfer Out / Discrepancy
HQ-Accounts Master
HQ-Accounts Transactions
HQ-Attribute Mater
HQ-Audit Advice
HQ-Cheque Clearence Advice
HQ-Commodity Master
HQ-Configuration Setting
Contact Master
HQ-Coupon Details
HQ-Coupon Transaction
HQ-Designation Master
HQ-Employee Schedule Info
HQ-Expiry Return Advice
Item Synchronization
HQ-Message Notification
HQ-Offer Create List
HQ-Offer Delete List
HQ-Payment Advice
HQ-Profile Settings
HQ-Purchase advice
HQ-Purchase Return Advice
HQ-Role Master
Sales Order Advice
HQ-Selling Price Advice
HQ-Stock Transfer Advice
HQ-Tax Master
HQ-VAT Area Master
Sales Order Acknowledgement
Data Backup-Synchronization - with HQN/A