Distributor Benefits

Lower your hardware investments: NetTrade increases your billing efficiency as it eliminates data entry. You get a minimum of 70% savings in billing time with NetTrade. The lower hardware investment also results in lower ALR costs.

Increase your core business hours: With more and more orders delivered electronically, your peak business hours are no longer limited to 11:00hrs - 15:00hrs. You can extend your business hours by more than 50% resulting in an increase in Customers serviced at lower workload/stress levels.

Increase order delivery accuracy: Current order/delivery error is 10%. RayMedi makes it 0. This means it reduces 30% workload on staff. Overall there is 50% reduction in workload due to order delivery and accuracy.

Better Tracking of Delivery: With NetTrade, you can track your delivery better i.e. Are the products delivered to the right Customer, has the Customer acknowledged delivery for correctness of product, quantity, rate, batch number and expiry etc.,

100% Reach for offers and new product introductions: With NetTrade you are sure the offer details reached all your Customers resulting in more business due to offers. There is no more selective communication of offer details.

Utilize your Sales Investments on Business Promotion rather than on Order Booking: Your field sales team can be used more efficiently for business promotion rather than for order booking.

Lower Reverse Logistics / Return Cost: As a distributor, you have around 10% order/deliver errors. These cost a lot of money as your business processes optimize cost of sales and not the cost of handling returns. This means, handling returns is much more expensive than selling the product. Also, it saves lots of management time.

Improved Customer Satisfaction & Increase in revenue per Customer: Due to smooth flow of information between the supplier and the Customer, the transparency in the relationship improves resulting in improved Customer satisfaction and higher revenue per Customer.

  • Product / Price List
  • Offer / Promotions knowledge
  • Advance Ship Notification
  • Scanned copy of document for easy access and reference
  • Product availability from the time of goods receipt

Lower Operating Cost due to EDI

  • Lower management cost due to less staff
  • Date entry & less manual errors

Increased Security

  • Less scope for edit/delete operations due to higher accuracy

Cost Benefits
Cost Savings on Capital Investment (Minimum Rs.30,000/-)

  • Minimum 25% savings on hardware investments : If you are using more than 4 computers, there is a minimum 25% savings on the number of systems used for billing.
  • The extra space created due to one less computer can be used effectively to stock additional products and improve sales.

Operational Cost Savings (Minimum 25% per month)

  • Order & Delivery Accuracy: Our experience with distributors show that approximately 10% orders have issues with product, batch, expiry, rate etc. This will be totally eliminated. The cost of processing returns, correcting the invoices, issuing credit notes etc. eliminated. This results in a minimum of 10% savings in operating cost per month.
  • ALR paid for additional computer(s)
  • If you are doing around 400 invoices a day, you will have minimum 50% savings on man power costs